Let go of the grudge, exposure millet ZTE vote key one vote for Huawei to obtain 5G short code control right

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If the most recent domestic technology companies the most exciting news is what, apparently, two days ago in 3GPP RAN1 87 meetings in the 5G Short code solution Discussion, Huawei successfully rolled Qualcomm, defeated the powers, won the 5G control coding scheme standards.

Although, for the moment, Huawei has won only a short code of control code, and 5G data encoding is high-pass, but this time Huawei can smoothly from the most discourse has always been out of the monopoly of the U.S. mouth share, and can even think this is a historical victory is not too.

In particular, in the final stage of the finale of the short-code War Conference, the remaining three companies in Huawei are eligible, and finally, the company's proposal to support Huawei's company reached 59, winning a crucial link, Huawei's polar code eventually become the control channel uplink and downlink coding scheme.

It can be argued that Huawei's victory is a landmark event that has broken the US technology monopoly. However, in fact, this time Huawei can successfully overcome the United States imperial powers, in fact, many of the domestic manufacturers have been a competitive relationship silently support Huawei, as the title said, Millet meritorious.

It also said that the company's proposal to support Huawei's company reached 59, this time Xiaomi can be eligible to participate in the vote, mainly because Xiaomi is a global Internet + intelligent ecosystem leader to participate in the standard-setting of the review meeting, from the photo above to vote on the company list of Huawei can be seen.

And in addition to millet, you can see OPPO and Vivo also to the Huawei vote, technology Daniel ZTE even two votes to the Huawei, the world's top 500 mobile, telecommunications, Unicom, but also the number of votes to Huawei, it can be said that although vivo oppo small Komehana for ZTE in the domestic as a friend of the inter-business, Competition is still relatively fierce, but in the country before the good is to lay down their grievances, no ambiguity.

Suddenly remembered, like two days ago in Wu Town held in the Internet Conference, Lenovo Yang and small Mire for Yu Chengdong together agreed, Lenovo Xiaomi Huawei should join hands, across the apple Samsung, then to compete high and low. This may also secretly revealed a message, China's technology is actually relatively weak, mobile phone field, whether it is communications, chips and standards, the U.S. technology is actually in a monopoly position, in the domestic win-win situation is not as good as united to break the foreign technology monopoly after the high and low. To be honest, the idea is in line with the current position of Chinese technology companies in the Japanese and Korean technology monopoly environment in Europe and America

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Let go of the grudge, exposure millet ZTE vote key one vote for Huawei to obtain 5G short code control right

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