Liaoliang's most popular one-stop cloud computing big Data and mobile Internet Solution course V4 Android Enterprise application Development Complete training: 24 Lessons on Android Business-class development best practices

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From the perspective of enterprise-level business practice, 24 hours through 23 hands-on practical cases, the gradual progress of the Android business-level application development points conquer, Based on years of Android (6 complete hardware products and more than 20 application software) development and enterprise-level training experience (more than 150 times Android's enterprise internal training and public lessons), designed to help you complete any complex program on a practical basis with high quality Android application development , let Android development keep up with the speed of imagination. Finally, by Activitymanagerservice uncover the core root causes behind all the actions of Android apps, you'll get a high-minus-zero, juchongruoqing from this development application.

Course Highlights:

1, extract the most essential Java technology used in Android application development to analyze;

2. Build an Android development environment from scratch and write and thoroughly analyze the first Android program;

3, thoroughly analyze all the interaction patterns between different activity;

4, thoroughly analyze the life cycle of Android and the best time for its use according to the commercialization scenario;

5, use JUnit to test Android business code;

6, master Android Basic and core UI development technology;

7, "Android Commercial Advanced UI Combat" is based on the past 20 business-class Android application development, especially similar CRM system in the most classic, most commonly used technology extracted from the grasp of the basic will not be encountered in the UI difficulties;

8, carefully analyze and combat Android performance testing, identify performance bottlenecks, and code optimization, sharing best practices of code optimization;

9, the processing of data on the core of Android most applications, especially for the CRM system, this day, we will be on the Android local data processing methods and their commercial use of the scene of thorough analysis and actual combat;

10, from sharedpreferences to internal file system, from SDcard operation to SQLite database, from XML and JSON parsing to generation to data sharing unified interface ContentProvider, The local data processing method of Android carpet bombing;

11, the operation of the Address book principles, processes and scenarios, such as the scene of the reproduction of the code in combat;

12, through Android phone defender business-class code case in combat Android Broadcastreceiver and service;

13, according to the past 20 kinds of programs in the commercial combat summed up the ability to solve any file type based on the HTTP protocol, arbitrary size file network upload and download, the development of Android network once and for all;

14, actual combat wifi data exchange;

15, especially the additional mention of asynchronous HTTP framework, with strong business value;

16,android the classic scene, life cycle and solution of the screen switching;

17, the actual combat to build multi-language internationalization of Android applications;

18, how to compile apk to improve the security of the application;

19, how to decompile Android app

20, through the WebView features of Android to understand the Android JavaScript and Java communication between the password, the pursuit of browser and HTML5 development of the architecture and technology to achieve the root cause;

21, using technologies such as NDK to improve the performance of the application by using the efficiency of C + +;

22, the realization of Android in the Looper, Handler, Message, MessageQueue as the core of the inter-thread communication mode;

23, actual combat and analyze the source code of Asynctask framework, and propose the solution to asynctask defect;

24, finally, uncover the core roots behind all the actions of Android apps:Activitymanagerservice

Course Objectives:

1, learn Android app development in 24 hours from scratch

2, familiar with Android architecture philosophy and power source and implementation technology;

3, can develop any type, arbitrarily complex degree of security, efficient application;

4, according to the past 20 of the practice of Android business applications, provide valuable source code, completed the course is equivalent to complete the Android application project about 80% of the development, all the development difficulties swept away;

Course Requirements:

Strong interest in Android, able to read basic C # or Java syntax;

Liaoliang Teacher (email [email protected] phone 18610086859 qq:1740415547)

China's only mobile internet and cloud computing big Data synthesizer;

President and chief expert, cloud computing Big Data Spark Asia-Pacific Institute;

The president and chief expert of Spark's Asia-Pacific Research Institute, Spark source-level expert, has spent more than 2 years on Spark's painstaking research (since January 2012), and has completed a thorough study of the 14 different versions of Spark's source code, while constantly using the various features of spark in the real world, Wrote the world's first systematic spark book and opened the world's first systematic spark course and opened the world's first high-end spark course (covering spark core profiling, source interpretation, performance optimization, and business case profiling). Spark source research enthusiasts, fascinated by Spark's new Big data processing model transformation and application.

Hadoop Source-level experts, who have been responsible for the development of a well-known company's class Hadoop framework, focus on the provision of one-stop Hadoop solutions, as well as one of the first practitioners of cloud computing's distributed Big Data processing, the avid enthusiast of Hadoop, Constantly in the practice of using Hadoop to solve different areas of big data processing and storage, is now responsible for Hadoop in search engine research and development, there is "cloud computing distributed Big Data Hadoop Combat Master Road---from scratch" Cloud computing distributed Big Data Hadoop Combat Master Road---Master Rise "cloud computing distributed Big Data Hadoop. A master of the road---Master of the top "and so on;

Android architect, senior engineer, consultant, training expert;

Proficient in Android, HTML5, Hadoop, English broadcasting and bodybuilding;

A one-stop solution dedicated to Android, HTML5, Hadoop's soft, hard, and cloud integration;

China's earliest (2007) engaged in Android system porting, soft and hard integration, framework modification, application software development as well as Android system testing and application software testing, one of the technical experts and technical entrepreneurs.

One of the earliest practitioners in the field of HTML5 Technology (2009), successfully implemented a variety of custom HTML5 browsers for multiple organizations, participating in the development of a well-known HTML5 browser;

More than 10 of it best-selling authors;

Course Outline:




First day

Section 1 a hands-on case: Android development environment Construction and HelloWorld ( - minutes)

1. Java, Eclipse, SDK, NDK, ADT

2. Difficult problems in the process of building the environment

3. Completely solve the problem without 3G signal

4. Development HelloWorld

5. Thorough analysis of the first program

6.Android Application Development Classic Mode---MVC pattern thorough analysis

7. Summary: Master the development Steps, precautions, methods, etc. of a complete application

8.Java one of the best practices in Android development: Java Development Golden Triangle

9. Java best practices in Android Development two: "Don t call me, I'll call you back!"

Three best practices for Java in Android development: UI threads and business threads;

One of the best practices of Java in Android development: Lifecycle control;

Java in Android development best Practices Five: interface-oriented programming;

Vi. best Practices for Java in Android Development VI: Reflection Technology

Section 2 a hands-on case: Activity life cycle profiling, application life cycle profiling, and application development best practices ( - minutes) 1.Activity Life cycle Cycle Chart analysis

2.Activity Life cycle Test Code

3.Activity Nesting life cycle

4. Application Life cycle Profiling

5. Mutual communication between different activity

6. Thinking about Android Management application and Activity mode

The best model for 7.Android application development

Section 3 a hands-on case: Android Commercial Advanced UI actual combat: ListView Asynchronous Load Technology ( - minutes)

1. The need to use the ListView to load technology asynchronously

2. ListView Asynchronous loading Technology programming combat

Section 4 a hands-on case: Android Commercial Advanced UI actual combat: ListView page load Technology ( - minutes)

1. The need to use the ListView page loading technology

2. ListView page Loading Technology programming combat

Section 5 a hands-on case: Android Commercial Advanced UI actual combat: Fragment ( - minutes)
1 significance and application scenarios of fragment appearance
2 Dynamic creation of fragment

3 Creating Tabs with Fragment

4 Fragment Backwards-compatible

5 Fragment life cycle

6 communication between the fragment

Section 6 a hands-on case: Android Commercial Advanced UI actual combat: Custom title bar and Popupwindow ( - minutes)

1. Customizing the title bar's application scenario

2. Custom title bar Programming combat

3. Troubleshoot problem resolution for custom title bar

4. Popupwindow visual impact for Android apps

5. Popupwindow Programming Combat

6. Popupwindow Commissioning

Next day

Section 7 a hands-on case: sharedpreferences , in the form of internal phone files, data manipulation, SDcard Operations, unit tests ( - minutes)

1.SharedPreferences of Reading

2.SharedPreferences of writing

3. Analysis of sharedpreference operation permissions

4. Read and write sharedpreference in different packages

5. Sharedpreference Source Code Anatomy

6. Read and write to the phone's files: Openfileinput (), Openfileoutput ()

7. Unit tests for file reading and writing

8. Test for four file permission modes

9. Introduction to commonly used file read/write APIs

10. Anatomy of Source code

11. Use activity to call the business layer to read and write to SDcard

12. Unit Testing

Section 8 a hands-on case: SQLite Management tools classes, CRUD operation, paging, and source code analysis, use Android self-provided API make CRUD operation, ListView detailed explanation and source code analysis ( - minutes)

1.SQLite Introduction

2.SQLiteOpenHelper class

3.curd:execsql () and Rawquery ()

4. Paging

5. Source code Analysis of Getwritabledatabase () and Getreadabledatabase () to analyze its principle

6. Thorough analysis of the execution process and principles

7. Source Code Anatomy

8. CRUD operations using Android's own insert, UPDATE, query, delete, and more

9. Parse the source code of INSERT, UPDATE, query, delete

10. Detailed Anatomy of the ListView, customizing the View, customizing the adapter.

11. Anatomy of the cursor's source code

12. Analysis and solutions to the "_id" problem with SQLite and cursor

Section 9 a hands-on case: Using Android built -in Pull Implement the XML file reading, writing and source code Analysis Android in JSON Parsing ( - minutes)

1. Why is the read, write preferred pull for XML files in Android

2. Using pull to implement XML parsing

3. Using pull to write XML

4. Using writer writer to implement the writing of the file has written the content directly into memory

5. Analyze pull's parsing process by short-point debugging method

6. Source Code Anatomy

7.JSON parsing code template under Android

Section Ten a hands-on case: ContentProvider background, purpose, how to build ContentProvider , Urimatcher , Contenturis , the Cotentprovider for unit testing, source code analysis ( - minutes)

1.ContentProvider background, purpose

2. Detailed steps to build ContentProvider

3. A thorough analysis of the URI

4. Analysis Urimatcher,contenturis

5. Unit test for ContentProvider's business layer code

6.ContentProvider of source code anatomy

Section One a hands-on case: address-based development ( - minutes)

1. Database and data table Analysis of contacts

2. Source code Analysis of Address Book ContentProvider

3. Get all the contact information

4. Add a Contact

5. How to handle things when adding contacts records

Section A a hands-on case: Performance Testing and Optimization ( - minutes)

1. How to perform performance testing

2. Performance Test Combat

3. Where optimization rules and coding should be noted

Third Day

Section - a hands-on case: Broadcast recipient Broadcastreceiver , a text message listener case (after receiving a text message, uploading to the server or sending it to a specified number or sending it to a specified message) ( - minutes)

1. Analyze the broadcast receiver, compare with JMS, broadcast recipient's IOC principle

2. SMS Monitor Android Client

3. Server-side Setup

4. Upload the received SMS to the server via the network

5. Send the received SMS to the designated mobile phone number or email

6.BroadcastReceiver life cycle and considerations and solutions for 5 Seconds of life response time

7. The ANR problem in the service and its solution;

Section - a hands-on case: Services Service , the telephone monitor (automatically turns on each time the power-on, the phone to record and upload to the server) ( - minutes)

1. Detailed Profiling service

2. Building a service for phone monitoring

3. Use Broadcastreceiver to monitor the boot event and start the service

4. Upload the audio file to the server

5. Thinking about the Android security system

Section - a hands-on case: Using Aidl Developing remote Services ( - minutes)

1.AIDL underlying principle: binder-based Proxy-stub

2. Specific steps written using Aidl

3. Write the server and client manually

4. Test and Debug

Section the a hands-on case: Breakpoint Continuation (i) multi-threaded downloader similar to Thunderbolt (for any type of file download) ( - minutes)

1, multi-threaded download breakpoint continuation principle and flowchart

2, download the file when the HTTP protocol protocol detailed

3, multi-threaded download Breakpoint Continuation program: Design Server and Android

4,android-side content involves IOC, multi-threading, SQLite database, Handler, HTTP protocol, cache handling, unexpected shutdown processing, authoring framework, MVC, Service, I/O flow in Android, code debugging, Life cycle of activity, etc.

5, Unit Test

6, Software debugging

Section - a hands-on case: Android uploading of client form data ( - minutes)

1. Upload the basic data type

2. Upload images and other attachments

3. Refactor the code into a tool class that can upload any number of fields and any number of attachments

4. Consider the technical solution of local offline storage/online uploading

Section - a hands-on case: httpclient and Asynchronous HTTP framework ( - minutes)

1. Submit data to the server using HttpClient

2, asynchronous HTTP Framework Implementation principle

3, asynchronous HTTP framework submits data to server

Section - a hands-on case: WIFI Communication Combat ( - minutes)

Analysis of 1.WIFI communication characteristics

2.WifiManager, InputStream and OutputStream

3.WIFI Application Development Combat

Fourth day

Section + a hands-on case: Android the Java and webview JavaScript communicate with each other ( - minutes)

1. Making the new World of Android interface

2.Java calling JavaScript

3.Javascript calling Java

Section - a hands-on case: Android NDK programming (60 minutes)

1 Local C code calls method in Java

2 Local C code get property values for Java objects

3 calls to local C code in more than one class

4 creating Java objects in local code

5 Deep anatomy of the operating mechanism and process of Java, Dalvik VMS, C/

6 assigning threads in Java to call C + + functions

7 code-C + + native codes call Java functions by assigning threads

Section + a hands-on case: Android screen switching, application internationalization, software compilation and anti-compilation ( - minutes)

1.Android the classic scene, life cycle and solution of the screen switching;

2. Build multi-lingual and internationalized Android apps;

3. How to compile apk to improve the security of the application;

4. How to decompile Android apps

Section A a hands-on case: Handler , Looper , Message , MessageQueue ( - minutes)

1. Android's event-driven model

2. Looper, MessageQueue, Hanlder, message and other source depth analysis

3. Looper, MessageQueue, Hanlder, message, and multi-threaded practical cases

Section at a hands-on case: Asynctask Asynchronous Threading Technology ( - minutes)

1. Reasons for using Asynctask and thoughts on Asynctask

2. Asynctask code Example

3. Asynctask Source Code Analysis

Android application running behind secret---activitymanagerservice source analysis ( Max minutes)

1 where is the main entrance to the Android app?

2 What is the process of activitythread becoming the main thread of the application?

3 The secret behind Looper, MessageQueue and handler;

4 Android activity, Service, Provider, receiver START process source analysis

Liaoliang's most popular one-stop cloud computing big Data and mobile Internet Solution course V4 Android Enterprise application Development Complete training: 24 Lessons on Android Business-class development best practices

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