Links and differences between Web servers, VPS, and virtual hosting

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  1. A Web server is a server that stores a website in an Internet Data center. It is mainly used for publishing and application in the Internet of website, and it is the basic hardware facility of network application. Simply say the server is a computer, but this computer because it takes 24 hours to run at high speed, so the configuration is much better than the average home computer. And for the site to be able to be accessed 24 hours, so the computer needs to run 24 hours and network. The process for users to visit a Web site is to remotely access the files on the computer through the network. Web server like home computer, also need to install operating system, generally installed operating system has win2003, win2008 (these are both Microsoft's system, and WinXP operation is not much) and Linux. The hard disk of the website server is the program file of the website, such as C disk 50G (System disk, manage the whole server) and D disk 1000G (put the website program file). Server above can install our general computer installation of most of the software, such as QQ, Fetion, browser, Baidu and other media. a server can be divided into multiple VPS (limited by the server's hardware configuration and bandwidth) or multiple virtual hosts (so that multiple sites can be placed).

  2. Web site VPS(Virtual Private server) technology, the division of a server into multiple virtual exclusive server services. Each VPS can be assigned an independent public IP address, a standalone operating system, a separate oversized space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution programs, and a standalone system configuration. In addition to the user can allocate more than one virtual host and unlimited Enterprise mailbox, more independent server function, you can install the program, a separate restart server. The best choice for high-end virtual hosting users. Virtual dedicated server to ensure that all resources for the user exclusive, to the highest quality of service to the user to ensure that the user to the virtual host price to enjoy the service quality of the independent host.

    The Simple Web site VPS is the use of virtual technology to divide the server hard disk into a number of small hard drives, each small hard drive can have a separate operating system, bandwidth, memory and IP, and so on, each small hard drive installed after the operating system has become a VPS. such as the above D plate 1000 can be divided into D disk 500G and E disk 500G, and then the D disk 500G using virtual technology divided into 10 small hard drives, each small hard drive can have 50G hard disk, this 50G of the small hard drive can be seen as a small computer, Because it has to have its own operating system (can be installed Win2003, 2008 and Linux), this small computer 50G hard disk to be divided into the system disk C disk 10G and the website program Disk D disk 40G. So this small computer is a separate virtual server, it must be built on the basis of the server, and its operation (memory, hard disk, IP and CPU) is limited to the server, once the server is paralyzed, it can not run. But it is independent of the other VPS in the same server's hard drive. All VPS in one server do not interfere with each other and operate independently. E-disk can also be divided into multiple independent VPS. A VPS can be divided into multiple virtual hosts, so that you can do a number of sites (how much can be placed by the server assigned to this VPS how large configuration).

    This is the author of the interface of the VPS, installed is the WIN2003 system, the server is similar, is not very common computer system like?

  4. web Hosting : Virtual hosting is a network server on the partition of a certain amount of disk space for users to place sites, application components, etc., to provide the necessary site functions, data storage and transmission functions. The so-called virtual host, also known as "web Space", is to put a server running on the Internet into a number of "virtual" servers, each virtual host has a separate domain name and a complete Internet server (support WWW, FTP, e-mail, etc.) function. Renting a virtual host is similar to renting a house.

    simple virtual host is a website VPS (if not divided out VPS, then is the server) d disk divided out a folder, This folder holds the program files for a single Web site. if the above VPS inside the D disk can be built 1, 2, 3 、、、 N folders, each folder put a website program. So 1 folder is a virtual host, 2 folder is also a virtual host.

    a virtual host can place a Web site.

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  6. VPS is actually a server through the virtual technology to divide out a small virtual server, if not divided into VPS, then the virtual host is a server above a folder.

    Services: Servers >VPS> Virtual hosts

    Price: Server (expensive) >vps (General) > virtual Host (Low)

Links and differences between Web servers, VPS, and virtual hosting

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