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Big God door, I'm struggling to get into PHP or Python, will be a little bit, personal more like Python, both front and back can be done, and efficiency, grammar attractive. But PHP seems better looking for work, Baidu, Sina, XXX are more than PHP, swollen do it? Help me, thank you.

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Big God door, I'm struggling to get into PHP or Python, will be a little bit, personal more like Python, both front and back can be done, and efficiency, grammar attractive. But PHP seems better looking for work, Baidu, Sina, XXX are more than PHP, swollen do it? Help me, thank you.

Many language beginners will ask "What language should I learn, what language is good for work?". I think the problem itself is a misunderstanding, a programming language is produced because it can be more convenient than other languages to solve one or a certain type of problem. So I think the first thing you should consider is what you like to do? What kind of job do you like? Then choose to learn a language, with problem learning is always better than to learn the language and learning more efficient, rather than blindly choose a language. For example, if you're interested in the front end, you might want to learn more about JavaScript than digging deep into c.

First of all.... And so on .... One.... Yes.... Son .... You are a vegetarian if you do the back-end of PHP ....

And then.... Again .... And so on .... One.... Yes.... Son .... Python high efficiency .... Well, the development efficiency is high .... Wall

The consideration of language

Both PHP and Python have a long history, with a huge built-in tool library (Python in particular), and a fairly complete documentation system. It can be said that PHP and Python to a large extent, the "small script pry big demand" commonality.

So one of the simple considerations is: Go deep into who is the same ... Can be compared with the study of ... It is unreasonable to hesitate.

Consideration of other technologies

But language is much the same, but language is not just the language itself. Take Web Development For example: Html/css/js, SQL, Regular, Json/xml ... These peripheral knowledge, both PHP and Python, are self-contained, but are not completely covered by the language itself.

In fact, no matter what engineer to recruit, there are implicit assumptions: in addition to language, programmers to achieve business goals, but also understand the necessary peripheral knowledge.

So don't try to isolate the language itself, or cut it apart.

Technology-Independent considerations

Although the choice of language does not matter, but the choice of the main method is not good.

In a nutshell, programmers use languages to achieve their goals, rather than using them for language purposes. "I have to learn python, everything in Python," a sort of argument, in short, is mechanically.

So choosing a language is better than choosing a goal. Follow the development work you want to take, what you need to learn, and be sure to learn quickly, quickly iterate, and quickly update. In the era of the open source movement in the world, it is generally absurd to eat all the day. Because the retreat to learn through, come out a look, the lake has changed.

Don't think about how to "perfect" a good head, and don't think about making a "complete" plan for yourself in the first place. Go ahead and dream. Continuous learning, and constantly iterative, and constantly find things that were previously expected to have no value, and constantly find things that were overlooked before are actually very useful, and this is the way of human livelihood. A change is born, a person dies, and you do not lock yourself in a particular thing.

Both front and back can be done??? Python Does the front end?
Since like python to use Python chant, the celestial enterprise in Python is not without, such as watercress.
Finally show you the domestic companies are using Python, perhaps you will not be so tangled up:

In fact, I used to be in the end is the Tsinghua good or Peking University good, after the wife in the end choose the face is beautiful or chest, and so on. Sao years, basically in addition to the compilation, the computer language is figured out, a language mastery of learning another language is nothing but a benefit, unless you dare say you now use the keyboard you just finished using the 0 and 1 keys to knock a Photoshop out

If you like Python, go deep into python. Because I like it deeply, how good.
Python can find work, too.
You can learn what you want when you have free time.

I like you have also struggled with this problem, in fact, the language is almost the same, when you learn a door, another entrance is very easy. If you like Python start with Python, Python is a very common language. You can easily access the algorithms, desktop programs, scripts, Linux, servers, Web development and other aspects of things, which is very beneficial to the long-term development.
Because I'm getting started with Python, I feel very comfortable with python in my learning process. Admittedly PHP is also a great language, from his popularity can be seen, forgive Caishuxueqian, PHP learning curve is not very understanding, but if you do Web development can quickly start. Please also have the experience to speak PHP greatly.
Finally, do not rigidly adhere to the language to learn (of course, learning a door or a few languages is also very necessary), to practice good ' internal strength '.

Have also struggled with similar problems before, whether it is to choose Python or Ruby, after the search, you will find that two supporters of the fight, I think the simplest way to choose the language is to search, the language has made the more cool products, these products, whether the front-end or back-end, Which is what you want to do, for example, the watercress is made of Python, or you now ask the question Segmentfault is written in PHP. I have not touched PHP, there may be some prejudice, I chose Python at that time, just because the first, with the right, second, is because "life was short, I use Python" sentence. So now in retrospect, choosing a language is not as complicated as it might seem.

As you say you want to learn more, do not know whether you mean to learn the usual framework or run-time things, the former is basically a little accumulation of project experience, the latter will require you to understand the C language, or assembly and other things. However, no matter what you choose (you can also consider JS), both Python and PHP are scripting languages, and it is recommended that you only learn one language in the same class.

For finding work, this problem, unless the probability of 100, otherwise you may fall into that small probability of the area inside. Given that PHP and Python are among the top 10 languages, and Python has been used in the country for about 05 years (refer to the link above), it is now more mature and almost all open APIs have a Python version, which means there must be back-end support. Moreover, from the various PAAs cloud computing (you say Baidu, Sina) will support both Python and PHP two platforms. So I feel that your choice should not fall on the job.

I used to struggle and grow up, is the choice of Tsinghua University, but later think about it, or the first to fight for the two line bar.
Language is a tool, you can choose one at random, and then go deep into learning.
Maybe at first you'll think of a language as a universal hammer, like I started with a special cow for PHP. But after a few years of work found that each language has its own strengths. The so-called existence even reasonable, small audiences such as Lisp, Rotten street such as PHP, are people in use, someone is learning. When you find a scenario in which PHP has a job that is not competent, you will find another capable language.
My suggestion is that since you like Python, you should learn Python first. Use more. There's no need to despise PHP, because criticizing what you don't know often exposes a lot of your own shortcomings.
inch, wish June learn something.

I have always wanted to spit groove, find work and learn what language has anything to do with math, arithmetic, operating system.

Before read a word "first practice will let oneself eat the ability, again to do their favorite thing", may not be the exact words, but the meaning is probably this, if you are tangled work, then according to the current looking for work, certainly PHP position more, the threshold of the beginning is lower, in turn to join oneself really like to do some things , like to do some programming, then like what to do. Say a little more, the quality of work does not depend on a programming language (not even limited to your personal skills), the popularity of programming language and unpopular also decided not to pay the high and low, a few years ago to see a report, the highest annual salary programming language is Erlang, so, do their own choice on the line, see oneself more focus on what

It's a simple question, and I've struggled with it before.
The main thing is to see the purpose of your study, if you want to find a job to learn PHP, interest in learning Python, find work and then learn Python.
Can look at the large recruitment site to recruit PHP Multi-point or Python, first to solve basic food and clothing.
What other document ToolPak is not considered, basically there are alternatives, only those mature companies will take advantage of the characteristics of various languages, write the appropriate program.

Learn according to your needs!
But if you are a student, I personally suggest that knowledge be python! to learn the language.

There was a god-level Python user who specifically told me about it, and I'm sorry I forgot his name.

Python is ideal for lightweight, and medium-level project architectures, and is highly efficient.
But again, the user volume, or its structure, the efficiency will be reduced to appalling.

It is a good choice to use Python on some simple compute-based applications. Otherwise it's not.

As for the personal use of the feeling is-the 2.7/3.3 version of the special sister is bored to death, all kinds of docking failure, such as the development of the unification of Python development efficiency will be higher.

I think it's hard to learn C, data structures and algorithms, operating systems, networks, databases, and so on.

I'm a rookie.
I think that people who speak no language are cop. Any factor has a certain impact, but the impact is not absolute, depends on how you weigh it. Since this is a discussion of Pyhon and PHP who are more suitable for web development (generating HTML), then do not pull other.
I used to do Web sites with Python. Django,tornado, later with the flask. Later, I learned the next PHP. On the whole, I definitely put Python as my first language, because it is streamlined, can directly call C's DLL, I can use it to numerical operations, GUI programming, etc., through kill. PHP I am not too familiar, as if other applications are not many. PHP5 a whole object-oriented concept, very much like Java syntax, all the way to learn C language can quickly get started.
While I love python, Python is not as good as PHP for a normal website.
1. In Python's web framework, templates, such as JINJA2, are used. Actually, this thing is very similar to PHP. The feeling is to imitate PHP. But PHP has a dedicated IDE, and Python templates are fragmented, the syntax is slightly different, there is no IDE, writing is not so comfortable.
2. Python code plus template code =php code. In this way, Python development of the ordinary Web is not as uniform and smooth as PHP.
3. PHP syntax is similar to Java, the recommended interface of the writing, suitable for large-scale code farm work, big companies must like.
4. PHP should have a smaller server cost than Python. PHP server is easy to find, Python is not too much, Ruby is even less.
Notice, I just said to do ordinary Web site, as for the background of data collection, analysis and other complex logic, then "probably" PHP is not as good as python. But if you are a novice, are struggling to choose python or PHP to develop the site, in view of the direct nature of PHP, targeted (just for the web), I suggest to learn PHP. Of course, html,js,css these must be understood.

I used to struggle to learn what is good? Choose your favorite, or choose to find a job.
It's pretty simple, actually.
If you are desperate to find a job with a high salary, you can learn PHP first, work stably, and have time to learn the python you like.
If you are not in a hurry to find a job, you can learn python, and then to learn PHP, in fact, a language proficiency, and other languages to get started quickly, all the same, only need to understand the grammar of each language can be.
The logic is exactly the same, such as writing a simple crawler crawl page inside the text, your logic should be: first to crawl down the entire source code, and then use the regular, or use the existing library area to extract the text inside.
Then began to use language to achieve your logic, in fact, any language can be written, but the syntax is different, but the logic is interlinked.
So I think you should learn PHP first, find a job with a high salary, at least don't worry about material life.
Then to learn more profound, this time more should pay attention to some of the peripheral knowledge of programming: Database, algorithm and so on. These are needed in any language and are the only way to Daniel.

I started to learn programming, and at first I also struggled to learn what language good. Maybe too impatient, now the mentality is starting from Python to learn, learn, and then to learn iOS, there are other basic knowledge, the goal is to be a full-time development engineer.
Let's work together ~

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