Linux Redhat6.5 compiled and installed Apache

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Apache Web server: As the front end of the lamp architecture, it is a powerful and stable Web server program that provides website access directly to users, sending Web pages, images and other file contents.
1: Get the installation package
Create a directory to share the Apache installation package in a shared file on a host.
2: Then unzip httpd, Apr, Apr-util compress package to/opt directory

3: View under the/OPT directory
Copy the APR and Apr-util under the directory to the Srclib directory under the httpd directory and name the APR, Apr-util
Installing GCC gcc-c++ environment with Yum

4: Install Pcre-devel
Then configure the installation in the/opt/httpd-2.4.2 directory

5: Compiling and compiling the installation

6: Filter Apachectl # REDIRECT saved to/etc/init.d/httpd
VI edit this file
Start by adding

chkconfig:2345 85 15
# description:Apache is a World Wide Web server.

7: Open Execute permission to httpd
Add httpd Service
View HTTPD Services
Open 3 5 of the HTTPD service

8: Create a soft connection for httpd.conf easy to manage
Edit httpd.conf
① put Listen "#" in the back to add your listening IP and port number
② below listen 80 Plus "#" comment on this line
③ find servername to remove the "#" from the back to add the domain name
: Wq Save Exit

9: Restart httpd service

10: Turn off the firewall

11: Enter the previously set listening IP on the browser

12: Edit/usr/local/apache/htdocs/index/html
You can modify the content on a Web page

Linux Redhat6.5 compiled and installed Apache

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