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Linux will inevitably replace windows-My linux view-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. The following is a detailed description. First of all, LINUX is almost no different from wdindows. I am talking about basic operations and some basic applications. I am using ubuntu, except for some difficulties at the beginning, but there is no difference in later use! You can listen to songs, watch videos, chat with QQ, process images, and browse webpages. Almost all of your normal use includes!

Besides, I admit that games are not playing well in linux, and many games cannot be played. But this is not a linux error, but no one has compiled large online games for this operating system. It is free for a very important reason! But now many games in WINDOWS can be played in linux, such as installing wine.

I'm not familiar with linux! Many people have never played linux, so it is very troublesome to operate. Some people want to play, but they did not dare because they didn't help in the early stage! This is a lack of self-learning ability. (If you are studying linux, you will not be able to learn from yourself !) In fact, there is no need to worry about this. The current network is the best tool!

Finally, we emphasize the spirit of linux. I think it is free, shared, and self-worth. Playing linux is a manifestation of self-confidence and a joy of creation! As a person studying linux, it is not to make money, not to acquire others, but to bring convenience to others and let others admit their abilities!

So I predicted that linux would replace windows.

Despite the large number of Microsoft elites, in the future, when people are at a high level of computer, they will hate Microsoft's way of making money, and will inevitably turn to linux! (Unless windows is free)

I am not saying that the system is good, not that windows is not comparable. I personally think windows is good and convenient. I just want to name linux! I hope that more confident people who are proficient in computers can come to linux, because the growth of linux requires your efforts.

Author: Yao prison
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