Longhorn was besieged by Linux. Microsoft wants to compete with its own history.

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Article title: Longhorn was besieged by Linux. Microsoft wants to compete with its own history. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.
For a large number of commercial technical users, desktops and laptops are still the primary means to handle the company's business affairs. The next generation of PC compatible operating systems is being developed, and the selection of operating systems will become an important step for CIOs to choose the core technology of their enterprises in the year. However, when Microsoft's Longhorn is available next year, it will face another round of challenges from open-source competitors in the operating system field.
Last week at the BrainShare conference held by Novell, Novell outlined its latest Novell Linux Desktop 10, with emphasis on the Beagle search technology carried in the system. This technology allows you to catalog and search hard drives, websites, instant messaging documents, and other digital content that may be exposed. The company's senior management also claims that the system is equipped with a 3D interface and high-speed rendering engine, allowing users to "enjoy the experience of Apple in Linux ".
In addition, as Microsoft's rival, Linspire's founder and CEO, Michael Roberts, outlined the main features of Linspire 5.0, the next generation of the company's flagship product: a brand new image subject and music image manager, after the upgrade, click-run program download technology, embedded support for virtual private network (VPN), and embedded an electronic wallet that can store encrypted passwords. "The main point of competition with Microsoft is," said Robson. "go to something they cannot match ." This is reflected in the desktop field. Linspire can be freely used in technology, but Microsoft must provide compatibility support for some old applications.
Robson also revealed that by the end of this year, at least one large PC manufacturer in the United States will use Linux as its main desktop operating system. In addition, there will be two major accounts in the telecom industry planning to have a Linux system on their desktops. However, he does not want to disclose the specific names of these customers, so as to avoid being tapped by Microsoft.
If Windows's history is a clear indication of its future, Longhorn's biggest competitor will be Microsoft users who are unwilling to upgrade their existing operating systems. In the past, when enterprise users were reluctant to upgrade, Microsoft would take mandatory measures such as termination of support. However, this time, Microsoft will face the risk of directly losing its customers. Longhorn's gorgeous interface is not enough to become the main reason for attracting enterprise-level customers.
For enterprise-level customers, their selection of the next-generation operating system will follow three standards, all of which begin with the letter "S --
· Security first ). Currently, patches, spyware, and virus attacks cannot be tolerated during the next-generation OS upgrade cycle.
· The second is the Search function ). Enterprise production starts from finding useful information conveniently and quickly. The faster and more efficient the information search process, the higher the efficiency of work completion. Therefore, the demand of the business community for search functions is constantly increasing.
· The third is Simplicity ). In the face of powerful browsers, enterprise application integration, and limited resources, the days for maintaining many operating systems and application software will never go forever.
Enterprise users do not have to worry about choosing Windows or Linux. On the contrary, they will directly adopt this "3 S" standard, which is the most suitable operating system for enterprise-level computing.
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