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Because I prefer SQL injection
A lot of websites have been tested aspphpjsp
The discovery is basically using MD5 encryption algorithm
All say MD5 irreversible can't break
Yes, MD5 is irreversible, but it can be violently broken.
You just need to put the usual password MD5 in the database.
Other people just need to provide MD5 password for database comparison can restore the password
Domestic foreign
are available on-line blasting
Many webmasters have been invaded, right? Most of these are administrator passwords that are compromised by SQL injection
And then go backstage and sabotage.
I found PHP's built-in function crypt pretty good.
With MD5 more invincible
$pass = 123456;
echo "MD5 encrypted". MD5 ($pass). "
"; Not safe
echo "Crypt Encrypted". Crypt ($pass). "
"; A messy password refresh will also change
echo "Crypt Complex Encryption". Crypt ($pass, substr ($pass, 0,2)). "
"; It's still uncomfortable.
echo "Invincible Encryption". MD5 (Crypt ($pass, substr ($pass, 0,2)). "
"; Now let the hacker how to break the password???
The last password, or 32-bit, thought it was MD5 encryption.
But no matter how big the hash value of the other MD5, a few T data can not be cracked. true techarticle because I prefer to SQL injection after a lot of testing site aspphpjsp found that the basic is to use MD5 encryption algorithm are said MD5 irreversible can not break the MD5 is irreversible but can ...

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