Meta tags common Properties and introduction

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First,N Ame class:

1, Keywords (Web key word)

   How:<Meta name= "keywords" content = "This page is written in key fields and is conducive to search engine optimization" >

What is the key content field that explains this page to the search engine?


2,Description (Web content description)

How:<Meta name= "description" content = "Search engine optimization related" />

What is the key to explaining this page to the search engine?

3,Robots ( index method of search engine crawler )

How:<Meta name= "Robots" content= "all| none| Index| Noindex| follow| Nofollow ">

What:robots is used to tell the search robot that the page needs no index. The default is all.


All The file will be retrieved and the link on the page can be queried
None The file will not be retrieved and the link on the page cannot be queried; (and "Noindex, no follow" play the same role)
Index files will be retrieved; (Let Robot/spider log in)
Follow Links on the page can be queried;
Noindex The file will not be retrieved, but the link on the page can be queried; (Do not let Robot/spider log in)
Nofollow The file will not be retrieved and the link on the page can be queried. (Do not let the Robot/spider follow this page to look down)

4. Viewport ( Mobile Side Windows Settings)

    How:<Meta name= "Viewport" content= "Width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=0 ">

What: Make a Web page fit or respond to a variety of different resolution mobile devices.

width Set the width of the Web page to a positive integer, or the string" Width-device "(range from 200 to 10,000, default to 980 pixels)
Set the initial zoom value of the page, as a number, with decimals (range from > 0 to ten)
allows the user's minimum zoom value to be a number, with decimal
Allows the user's maximum zoom value, as a number , you can bring decimal
Set the height of the page, rarely used (range from 223 to
Whether the user is allowed to scale, the value is" no "or" yes ", no is not allowed, yes means allow

5, Format-detection (format read)

How :<Meta name= "format-detection" content= "email=no| Telephone=no|adress=no " />

What: whether to verify the format (yes/no), whether to prohibit triggering as an email address | Is it forbidden to convert a number to a dial-up link | Do you want to stop jumping to the map

6, Apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style (change the color of the top status bar)

How:<Meta name= "Apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style" content = color value " />

What : Set the color of the status bar (the top bar of the screen) in the Web App app , default to the defaults (white), Black (black) and black-translucent (Gray translucent)

7. Apple-mobile-web-app-capable (web App support is opened on the website)

How:<Meta name= "apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content= " Yes " />

What: Apple device: Web App support for website launch

 8. Author (author)

 How:<Meta name= "Author " content= "code Farm">

What: Label the author or production group of a Web page

 9. Copyright (Copyrights)

How:<Meta name= "Copyright" content= "Copyright of this website is owned by the blog Park" >

WHAT: Label copyright


 How:<  meta  name  =" renderer "  content  = "WebKit | ie-comp | ie-stand"  >  /span>   
what: represented by Webki t core, IE compatible kernel, IE standard kernel, case sensitive < Span class= "hljs-attr" >
ie6/7 Td>
kernel webkit ie compatible ie standard
kernel version chrome ie9/ie10/ie11 (depending on the user's IE)
HTML5 support YES no yes
activex control support no yes yes


 11. revisit-after (search engine crawler re-visit time)

    How:<Meta name= "Revisit-after" content= "2 Days " >

What: If the page is not updated frequently, in order to alleviate the search engine crawler to the server pressure, can set a crawler's revisit time. If the revisit time is too short, the crawler will be accessed by the default time they define.

Second, HTTP header information Http-equiv class:

1. Content-type (setting of web character set)

how :  < meta http-equiv = "Content-type" Content = "text/html; Charset=utf-8 " />  //old HTML,   not recommended;  < meta charset Span style= "COLOR: #0000ff" >= "Utf-8" > Span class= "hljs-built_in" >//new HTML5 mode recommended  

    What: Set of character sets and encoding format for rendering

2, X-ua-compatible (the browser to take what version to render the current page)

How:<Meta http-equiv= "x-ua-compatible" content= "Ie=edge , chrome=1 "/>

What: Used to tell the browser which version to render the page in.

3. Refresh(automatically refreshes and points to a page)

How:<Meta http-equiv= "Refresh" content= "10; Url= ">  //10秒后跳转

What: the webpage will automatically refresh and adjust to the set URL within the set time.

4,expires (page expiry time)

How:<Meta http-equiv= "Expires" content= "Sunday October 01:00 GMT " />

What: Used to set the expiration time of the webpage, after which the webpage must be retransmitted to the server.

5.Set-cookie (Cookie setting)

How:<Meta http-equiv= "Set-cookie" content= "Cookiename= Cookievalue; Expires=fri, 12:00:00 GMT; path=/">

What: Create a cookie that contains the cookie name, cookie value, and expiration time.

6, Cache-control (Specify the caching mechanism that requests and responses follow)

How:<Meta http-equiv= "Cache-control" content= "No-cache" >

What: Controls the caching mechanism of the document.

Public All content will be cached (both client and proxy servers can be cached)
Private Content is cached only in the private cache (clients can cache only, proxy servers are not cacheable)
No-cache Do not cache
No-store Cache when not archived but not archived

Meta tags common Properties and introduction

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