Micro-service Distributed Enterprise Framework Springmvc+mybatis+shiro+dubbo+zookeeper+redis+kafka

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Platform Introduction

Jeesz is a distributed framework that provides modular, service-based, hot-swappable ideas for project-based Java EE Rapid development platforms with high package security.

Jeesz itself integrates Dubbo service control, zookeeper Registration Center, Redis distributed cache technology, FASTDFS Distributed File system, ACTIVEMQ asynchronous message middleware, Nginx load balancing and other distributed technologies

Project management using MAVEN, Project modularity, improve project accessibility, extensibility

With Springframework as the core container, Spring MVC is the Model View controller, MyBatis is the data access layer, Apache Shiro is the authorization layer, Ehcahe caches the common data, Activit is the workflow engine and so on.

Front-end integrated BOOTSTRAP4 metronic frame, UI responsive, flat layout, adaptable to all PCs, pads, anroid, iOS mobile devices, and more.

Jeesz is mainly located in the Internet Enterprise architecture, has built-in enterprise information system basic functions and efficient code generation tools, including: System permissions components, data rights components, data dictionary components, core tool components, view operations components, workflow components, code generation and so on. Adopt layered design, double authentication, submit data security code, password encryption, access authentication, data permission verification.

Jeesz currently includes the following module projects, backend system management system, restful standalone service system, scheduler timing scheduling system, Content Management (CMS) system, online Office (OA) system, my Todo (Task service), my Favorites (bookmark service).

Background management system includes enterprise organization structure (user management, organization management, regional management), menu management, role Rights Management, dictionary management and other functions;

RESTful standalone provides standard rest service APIs that enable you to quickly implement your business and provide the services you need;

Quartz timing Scheduling System can dynamically configure your task rules, and so on;

Willing to understand the framework of technology or source of friends directly add QQ (2042849237)

Content Management (CMS) system, including content management, column management, site management, public message, file management, front-end site display and other functions;

An online office (OA) system that provides a simple process example.

Jeesz provides a common tool for encapsulation, including log tools, caching tools, server-side validation, data dictionaries, current organization data (users, organizations, regions), and other commonly used gadgets. There is also a powerful online code generation tool that provides a simple single-table, one-to-many, tree-structured feature generation that can be used if the appearance requirements are not high. The Jeesz infrastructure is used to improve the efficiency of rapid development.

Built-in features (only part of the functionality is listed)

1. User management: The user is the system operator, this function mainly completes the system User Configuration.

2. Organization Management: Configuration system Organization (company, Department, Group), tree structure display, can adjust the subordinate.

3. Regional management: System Urban regional model, such as: national, provincial, municipal, county and county maintenance.

4. Menu Management: Configure the System menu, Operation permissions, button permission identification and so on.

5. Role Management: Role Menu permission assignment, set role to divide data range permissions by agency.

6. Dictionary management: Maintenance of some of the more fixed data commonly used in the system, such as: whether, gender, category, level, etc.

7. Operation log: System normal operation log record and query, system exception information log record and query.

8. Connection Pooling monitoring: monitor the status of the current system database connection pool to analyze SQL to identify system performance bottlenecks.

9. Workflow Engine: Implement business order flow, online process designer.

Development tools

1.Eclipse IDE: Using MAVEN project management, modular.

2. Code generation: Through the interface mode simple configuration, automatically generate the corresponding code, currently includes three ways to generate (add and revise): Single table, one-to-many, tree structure. After the generated code, if you do not need to pay attention to the degree of beauty, after the build can be used.

Technology selection (only part of the technology is listed)

1, back-end

Service Framework: Dubbo, Zookeeper, rest services

Cache: Redis, Ehcache

Message middleware: ActiveMQ

Load balancing: Nginx

Distributed files: Fastdfs

Database connection pool: Alibaba Druid 1.0

Core Framework: Spring framework

Security framework: Apache Shiro 1.2

View Frame: Spring MVC 4.0

Server-side validation: Hibernatevalidator 5.1

Layout frame: Sitemesh 2.4

Workflow Engine: Activiti 5.15

Task Scheduler: Quartz 1.8.5

Persistence Layer Framework: MyBatis 3.2

Log management: slf4j 1.7, log4j

Tool classes: Apache Commons, Jackson 2.2, Xstream 1.4, dozer 5.3, POI

2. Front-end

JS frame: jQuery1.9.

CSS Framework: Bootstrap 4 Metronic

Client-side validation: JQuery Validation Plugin.

Rich Text: Ckecitor

File Management: Ckfinder

Dynamic tab: Jerichotab

Data table: Jqgrid

dialog box: JQuery jbox

Tree structure controls: JQuery Ztree

Other components: Bootstrap 4 metronic

3. Support

Server middleware: Tomcat 6, 7, Jboss 7, WebLogic 10, WebSphere 8

Database support: Currently only support MySQL database, but not limited to the database, the next version of the upgrade multi-data source switching and database read and write separation: Oracle, SQL Server, H2, etc.

Support development environment: Eclipse, MyEclipse, Ras, idea, etc.

Classic Introduction:

SOURCE structure

Jeesz-Driven Project construction

Built-in efficient and reliable code generator

Support a variety of data models, based on database tables to generate regular repetitive code, so that research and development engineers focus on the implementation of business logic code, greatly improve their work efficiency, free of repetitive work


Open source Standardization Project management solution, realize the software pipelining production, guarantee the correctness, the reliability

Guided creation, import of projects, integrated version control (GIT/SVN), project Management (trac/redmine), Code quality (Sonar), continuous integration (Jenkins)

Private deployment, unified management, for developers

Jeesz UI


Simple, intuitive, and powerful, the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS frameworks for developing responsive layouts, mobile device-first WEB projects.

Designed for all developers, all application scenarios.

Make front-end development faster and easier. All developers are quick to get started, all devices are adaptable, and all projects are available.

Cloud Services

SUBSYSTEM: Backend management system, RESTFU service System, Dubbo Service/control/monitoring Center

Zookeeper Registration Center, Report analysis system, logging system, timing dispatch system

Search engine system, Distributed File system, message system, SSO Single sign-on system

SOA control platform, UI component system, OA Office System, CMS press release system

Payment system, database configuration system, Workflow system, cloud service platform

Source Source

Source Welcome to study the relevant technology together, source code acquisition please add: 2670716182

Micro-service Distributed Enterprise Framework Springmvc+mybatis+shiro+dubbo+zookeeper+redis+kafka

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