Microsoft and node. JS's Open Source Tour

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Microsoft in recent years in the field of open source is a bold move forward, following the 2015 Microsoft and Red Hat cooperation, Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Azure and Linux further integration, and so on, in 2016, Microsoft continued to increase the open source, vigorously promote the development of node. JS and open source community growth.

The node. JS Foundation gathers node. JS developers around the world and hosts a series of meetings. Last weekend, Microsoft joined hands with the open source Society to bring the event to Beijing for the first time, and held the node. JS Live Beijing Station at the Zhongguancun Microsoft Building. The event invited Mr. Shengsong, managing Director of Microsoft Open Technology Center, to speak on Microsoft's contribution to the open source business, and Microsoft Open source software expert Jose Miguel Parrella shared the development of the top-to-end node. js application in Azure, and the Node Foundation Community Manager, Mikeal Rogers, brings a responsive sharing of the topic "node. js everywhere", and describes the universal use of node. js in China and around the world.

In addition to the event, we also invited Microsoft's open experts at home and abroad to join a media meeting with the node. JS Fund leader to share Microsoft's latest open source actions and collaboration with node. JS .

node. JS's fastest growing open source platform

According to Mikeal Rogers, node. JS community Manager, node. JS's growth momentum has been strong in recent years, even surpassing Java. With 4 million users worldwide, node. JS has an annual growth rate of 100%, while in China where open source technology is booming, node. JS has more than 350,000 active users, the front end of the global number of users, and a dedicated Chinese forum in the country.

Microsoft and node. JS Open source co-development

To support the continued development of the node. JS Open source Platform, Microsoft, together with other large technology companies, has established the node. JS Fund and joined the Technical Steering Committee to increase technical input and guidance on the node. JS platform. In addition to providing a platform and tools for node. JS developers to develop for JS, Microsoft is also actively involved in node. JS community activities, sharing knowledge, best practices, and the latest results on a regular basis or part of node. JS-based frameworks and technologies.

"Microsoft's many platforms, tools, and products are open source, open, and can be developed using node. js, such as VisualStudio Code and node. JS Tools for Visual," said PJ Meyer, product Manager, global open Tools Group Studio, which provides an excellent node. JS development experience with intelligent encoding features like IntelliSense, provides rich debugging support to integrate with open source tools and platforms. At the same time, Microsoft Smart Cloud Azure provides a powerful cloud platform service for Node applications. With azure, node. JS developers can leverage virtual machines or storage containers to deploy node. JS applications from the infrastructure.

Microsoft Open Source 12 download

Microsoft's Open source has been a concern after CEO Satya Nadra the slogan "Microsoft Loves Linux", but in fact Microsoft's path to open source has already begun. In the interview, Shengsong said that from 2004 Microsoft's Open source Visual Studio Packaging Tool WiX, 2010 began to support node. JS Project, Microsoft Open Technology in 2012 and many other open-source companies in 2014 to create the open-source community, With the recent run of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Microsoft's Smart Cloud platform, Microsoft has gone through the 12-year open source Road to build a better open source ecosystem in China. This collaboration with node. JS and the open source community is aimed at connecting open source communities at home and abroad and improving the development of local communities.

Mobile first, cloud first, Microsoft know that in the rapid development of cloud technology and cloud services today, only actively embrace open source, to develop more cloud products, service developers to use more advanced products, technology, to create more value for society.

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Microsoft and node. JS's Open Source Tour

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