Mobile DDN Line and Unicom SDH special line access router and firewall configuration example

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1. Simple topology diagram

Line import------line entrance (my room core switch)------My server terminal assigned IP |

| IP route nextop

Dedicated router

2. Border Routing 3945 configuration

Define inside ports and zones (My Computer room intranet interface)

Define the outside port and region (My computer room outside the network interface, is also the interface of the line access)

Access-list 1 Permit (allow intranet segment as leased line to access my server Intranet segment Nat/pat)

IP nat inside source List 1 interface GIGABITETHERNET0/2 overload (port multiplexing via extranet interface)

IP nat inside source static TCP 12346 12346 (map access to the extranet IP so that the 101.230 segments assigned by the mobile terminal can access our intranet address and port directly)

IP route (Specifies the next hop route for the access terminal to assign an address segment)

3. Firewall configuration

Bank for access line import

Access-list Zhuanxian Extended permit IP any any

Route Zhuanxian (This is the ingress segment of the border router) (intermediate device port address routed by boundary)

Route Zhuanxian (access to leased line peer-to-peer routing configuration)

Mobile DDN Line and Unicom SDH special line access router and firewall configuration example

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