Mobile Capture Package software Charles installation use instance (streaming media playback test can go to download time detection)

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Mobile capture software Charles installation use instance browse: 5258 Release Date: 2015/07/17 Category: Technology share keywords: mobile capture software Charles Bearded blog Charles installation use instance Charles installation Mobile phone capture software Charles because the project to use, so toss the next, now put their own notes issued, interested can see, to avoid detours

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The settings on Charles
To intercept the network request on the iphone, we first need to turn on Charles's proxy function. In Charles's menu bar, select "Proxy", "Proxy Settings", fill in the agent port 8888, and check "Enable transparent HTTP proxying" to complete the setup on Charles. As shown in the following:

Settings on the iphone
First we need to get the IP address of the computer where Charles is running, open terminal, enter Ifconfig en0 to get the IP of the computer, as shown in:

In the iphone's "Settings", "Wireless LAN", you can see the current connected WiFi name, by clicking on the right of the details key, you can see the current connection of WiFi details, including IP address, subnet mask and other information. At the bottom of it is an "HTTP proxy", which we'll switch to manual, then fill in the IP of the computer where Charles is running and the port number 8888, as shown in:

After setting up, we open any program that needs network communication on the iphone, we can see Charles Pop-up iphone request connection Confirmation menu (as shown), click "Allow" to complete the setup.

Software use:
Toggle View Display

Enter image description here
The 7 locations in the list are some of the most commonly used features.
1 The Trash icon, the function is clear, clear out all the request display information.
2 the telescope icon, the function is to search for keywords, you can also use the CTRL+F implementation, you can set the scope of the search.

3 The icon of the middle red dot in the circle, which is the data display or the settings that are not displayed. This I think is the Charles tool is very convenient for a two point, generally so that it does not show the grasping state, only when the test itself before and after, in order to capture and display the state. This allows you to quickly and ruthlessly get the information you want, without having to look for it in a bunch of data requests.
4 edit Modify function, you can edit and modify any request information, after the modification, click Execute to send a modified request packet.

5 The URL information for the requested address of the fetched packet is displayed.
6 information about the requested contents of the fetched packet is displayed.

The POST request can be displayed as a form and is straightforward.

7 returns the display of data content information.

There are various forms of data display in 5, 6, 7, where Raw is the state of the original packet.

Solve Chinese garbled characters
Response Chinese garbled: Add-dfile.encoding=utf-8 in the vmoption in Info.plist

Info.plist Path Program->> display package Contents->info.plist

Mobile Capture Package software Charles installation use instance (streaming media playback test can go to download time detection)

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