Mobile phone live development Talk about: Live source code +app+ live system Push Stream SDK (Android)

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The passionately devoted and the feeling of not knowing
The heart does not know the movement and the Life and death permit
Recite two poems to express a good mood, as two verses, my heart slowly also by the media era of the live network stolen, the times of change doomed to this era of culture, the following is my on-stream development of some superficial analysis:
The first step: decomposition of mobile phone live system development function, to understand the live function you need
Second step: Find the right cloud service SDK to embed, in the Apicloud aggregation API can easily find the above function modules, select the appropriate modules to encapsulate in their own app
Step three: 1APP framework, create an application framework directly in Apicloud studio, and have the option to use a common page frame
2. Building blocks to assemble all the modules you have selected, using Java to write pages and module calls, using
HTML5+CSS3 build the interface UI of application, complete the whole process of app coding;
3. Real-machine debugging, through the simulator and the real-machine debugging function for app optimization, one click can be in iOS and Android
App optimization in mobile phone;
4. Cloud compilation, the Apicloud official online app icon, launch page and certificate, one-click "Cloud Compilation" can be
Native installation package for iOS and Android;
5. Cloud repair, use the cloud repair fast iteration, at any time release new version, new features, no need to submit a new installation package.
From 2016--2018 video live in full swing, especially mobile mobile video live.
Self-built video live platform, in fact, the cost of technology research and development is relatively high, due to the current broadcast technology is comparatively mature, Devices also support hard-coded. In order to let more live broadcast people have their own live platform and to create a live dream for every live person as a concept, now live software source has more interesting new features: Game Live, one-to-one live, short video, private live, treasure game and so on, Support a variety of two development and so on.
As a person in the industry, I am very optimistic about the future of mobile phone broadcasting industry prospects, it has overturned the traditional business model, but also the young group sought after the spirit of sustenance, is willing to come to win cooperation with people with lofty ideals!

Mobile phone live development Talk about: Live source code +app+ live system Push Stream SDK (Android)

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