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Play Alarm Music

1. Put the music file in the Res/raw file

2. Create a MediaPlayer object
MediaPlayer player = mediaplayer.create (context,r.raw.*);

3. Set the highest sound:
Player.setvolume (1.0f,1.0f);

4. Set the sound for loop playback:
Player.setlooping (TRUE);


  //报警音乐  MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = MediaPlayer.create(context, R.raw.alarm);  //音量调成最高  mediaPlayer.setVolume(1.0f,1.0f);  //循环播放  mediaPlayer.setLooping(true);  //开始播放  mediaPlayer.start();

GPS Positioning
1. Positioning method:
Positioning GPS positioning based on network positioning base station

(1) network location WiFi 2g 3g
Get an IP address to determine its approximate location based on the IP address
It's a big error.

(2) Base station positioning
The accuracy of the positioning depends on the number of base stations

(3) GPS positioning
by satellite positioning.
Suitable for use in open spaces

Shorten positioning time, reduce power consumption, improve positioning sensitivity
High accuracy of about 15m

The code implementation of the positioning function:

1. Create a class: Gpsservice, inherit from service
2. Registering in the manifest list
3. Operations to get positions in the OnCreate () method

    • Create location service
      Locationmanager manager = Getsystemservice (location_service);

    • Get the best location provider

      • Set conditions
        Criteria = new criteria ();
        Criteria.setaccuracy (criteria.accuracy_fine);

      • Get the best location provider
        String Provider = Criteria.getbestprovider (criteria,true);

      • Listening position change
        Manager.requestlocationupdates ()
        • First parameter: Positioning mode ("GPs")
        • Second parameter: How often is 60000 (1 minutes) Updated
        · Third parameter: How many meters update the
        • Fourth parameter: interface, listening position
        New locationlistener{
        //callback at position change
        onlocationchanged ()
        String Jingdu = "" +location.getlongitude ();
        String Weidu = "" +location.getlatitude ();
        String accuracy = "" +location.getaccuracy ();

        //callback from on to off when the status changes
        Onstatuschanged ()


        //One location provider available
        Onproviderenabled ()

        //A location provider is not available
        onproviderdisabled ()

      Cancel listener:
      OnDestroy () in:
      Lm.removeupdates ( Listener);
      listener = null;

Permissions: Access_fine_location High precision position
Access_coarse_location Rough Position
Access_mock_location Simulator Location

Mars coordinate system (National security plugin)
Due to the security strategy, GPS positioning results in China will have a certain amount of offset (irregular bias)

Mars Coordinate conversion code: (online Yes, can reduce the offset, improve accuracy)

1.modifyoffset.getinstance (. Class.getresouceadstream (. dat));
2.PointDouble newdouble1 = offset.s2c (new pointdouble (longitude, latitude))
3.longtitude = offset. X
4.latitude = offset. Y

The final code implementation:


 Public  class gpsservice extends Service{    PrivateSharedpreferences sp;PrivateSharedpreferences.editor Editor;PrivateLocationmanager Manager;PrivateMylocalchangedlistener Listener; Public Gpsservice() {    } PublicIBinderOnbind(Intent Intent) {return NewBinder (); } Public void onCreate()    {Super. OnCreate (); SP = Getsharedpreferences ("config", mode_private);        Editor = Sp.edit (); Listener =NewMylocalchangedlistener ();//Create Location ServicesManager = (Locationmanager) getsystemservice (Location_service);//Set conditionsCriteria =NewCriteria (); Criteria.setaccuracy (Criteria.accuracy_fine);//Get the best location providerString providers = Manager.getbestprovider (criteria,true);//Monitor location changesManager.requestlocationupdates (providers,60000, -, listener); } Public void OnDestroy()    {Super. OnDestroy ();        Manager.removeupdates (listener); Listener =NULL; } Public  class Mylocalchangedlistener implements Locationlistener {        callback when//position changed         Public void onlocationchanged(Location location) {//1. Obtaining latitude and longitude and accuracy            DoubleLongitude = Location.getlongitude ();DoubleLatitude = Location.getlatitude ();//2. Convert normal coordinates to Mars coordinatesInputStream is = GPSService.class.getResourceAsStream ("Axisoffset.dat");Try{Modifyoffset Modify = Modifyoffset.getinstance (IS); Pointdouble pointdouble = modify.s2c (NewPointdouble (Longitude,latitude)); String longitudetrue = pointdouble.x+""; String latitudetrue = pointdouble.y+"";//Save latitude and longitudeEditor.putstring ("Location","Longitude:"+longitudetrue+"\ n Latitude: Latitude");            Editor.commit (); }Catch(Exception e)            {E.printstacktrace (); }        }//callback when status is changed         Public void onstatuschanged(String provider,intStatus, Bundle extras) {}//Location provider available callback         Public void onproviderenabled(String Provider) {        }//Callback when the location provider is unavailable         Public void onproviderdisabled(String Provider) {        }    }}

In the Smsreceiver

//Get positioningStringNumber = Sp.getstring ("Safenumber",NULL); Intent intent1 =NewIntent (context, gpsservice.class); Context.startservice (INTENT1);StringLocation = Sp.getstring ("Location",NULL);//Send SMSif(Textutils.isempty (location)) {Smsmanager.getdefault (). Sendtextmessage (number,NULL,"location is getting in, please later ..." ",NULL,NULL);}Else{Smsmanager.getdefault (). Sendtextmessage (number,NULL, Location,NULL,NULL);}

Baidu positioning and Google officials seem to have provided a positioning framework, after the project to learn a bit ~ ~ ~

Copyright notice: Just out of the original content of the pot, I hope you have help ~

Mobile Security defender------mobile phone anti-theft page play alarm music &GPS positioning

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