Mobile video into the second half, content entrepreneurship ushered in the wind, but how to make money?

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How does content entrepreneurship make money? A bit of technology, very anxious.

Because, a bit of technology sit seconds, small show and a live three different tuning products, and currently in the domestic mobile video in the head of the top, for the lack of traffic is not lack of attention to it, the urgent task is to convert the platform traffic to commercial value, but also for its occupancy of the 10,000 industry kol and popular net red people, Find the way to survive.

After all, no money, only attention, who can not continue to make the boutique too long.

Must have the commercial big recruit, gives from the media, also gives oneself to find "the money" the scene.

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Direct advertising, so you can make money?

Technology has recently been out of the big trick, it seems to be mediocre-on advertising.

February, the second shot launched a commercial big-picture: In the short video before the introduction of 6S video patch ads, patch range can cover the platform more than 40 vertical categories of original author and content excerpts account. This is the first short video platform for pre-launch AD placement in the field.

Many play video platforms have used this trick, and the practice of the previous video site told us that this trick does not work.

In particular, nearly a year ago, the long video represents the Luo set of thinking, with a price of 22 million yuan to successfully sell PAPI sauce A short video patch ads, and that is only one example.

Second shot is this the rhythm of the repetition?

Only from its investment in the delivery of the example "second-day Valentine's Day" campaign ads See, two days, video playback volume reached 130 million times, advertising coverage billion fans, it seems to be a good effect.

In fact, the real commercial path of the second shot is not simply advertising, but vertical.

Yixia, senior vice president of technology, told a previous commercial presentation that the vertical sector would be easier to meet the brand's promotional needs, so that the huge market would not be overlooked by the brand.

And this time the second shot of the hard-wide strategy is the same, do vertical. Brand in: Through investment (choose to play a higher number of accounts to run), industry fixed (select the required industry vertical account to run) two types of models, there is a third option-account setting (in the Signing Media Library to select the required account to run). In short, it is possible to do a fan mash-up.

One conceivable scenario is that content entrepreneurs may not be in the same field as the brand owner, but might have the most appropriate target audience for their brand, and you'll know later.

The second shot is based on a short video advertising "self-help supermarket", the brand can be reached according to the target crowd, want to achieve the spread effect of self-help choose the direction and number of placement ads, so as to minimize the cost of advertising, to achieve maximum benefit.

But to do this, but also to rely on the vertical layout has been completed before, such as the second shot and a live, already from the pan-entertainment single mode, completed a star, venture, comedy, constellation, food, fitness, mother and baby more than 40 categories of vertical construction.

Otherwise, this idea is good, also play not to turn.

But if you think it is more accurate to put the hard-wide, you can open the road of business monetization, it is wrong. There's more to it.

No interactive marketing, so that users can advertise their own?

"Customized ads based on high-quality users, must be based on high-quality content, we are a UGC-gene company, there are many user interaction, is biased towards ordinary users can participate." In fact, Yixia's comments have appeared in many content platform propaganda.

In particular, the social platform, has always wanted to allow users to increase the "sense of participation" initiative to promote the brand, the success of the few, and often difficult to continue.

The second shot and the little show are making such an attempt.

Play is not complicated, at the right time, or the user is willing to accept the way, actively advertising. But it is often difficult to do.

Take the quirky, imitation of the route of the small show is the user's original content (UGC), but in fact, born and ads planted eight. And then I'm going to drink you out of The imitation show, the successful realization of the classic advertising words in Mong Tsai audio storage, and through the sentiment effect to guide the user large-area imitation, "wisdom" to create a brand around the UGC, video participation of nearly 80,000, that is, Mong Tsai Milk spent 1 copies of the money, but did 80,000 ads, this is how a situation ......

Combined with short video to become the New Year vulgar tide, in other platforms just beginning with the Meng Da's filter and pendant, has been the first 3 years to play this item of the second shot selected "snacks."

The meal is very tasty, a very regular activity reward, but because the combination of the new year, the user therefore very active participation and combined with the second shot for the big Bao brand customized video stickers, production of a large number of spring blessing video, at the same time through the social media such as Weibo, forwarded and participate in the reward, a lot of "big treasure" in short Brand implantation once again feelings of emotion.

Really effective to motivate users to participate, and is in the short video such a number of some threshold content of the project to achieve, a bit of technology is indeed two.

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15 minutes selling 30,000 parts of oil, e-commerce live vs TV Shopping

The selling point of integrated marketing is multi-channel, new gameplay and a more divided audience. and must have the advantage of rolling.

"A live broadcast is creating a model of live marketing, combined with the second Pat and small coffee show, to maximize the effect of the brand marketing to achieve a common win." "Shanhui, vice president of technology, said.

How can you directly make content into sales? Traditional marketing natural lag and conversion rate problem how to break?

This is outside of brand marketing, the biggest challenge for content entrepreneurship, and a live solution is "Live + Star + E-commerce + focus + Weibo" matrix.

A recent case is "horrible":

January 12, comedian curved, Mary, the "Golden partner" played on a live platform for 1 hours and 16 minutes live. After the statistics, the online peak of the whole live broadcast reaches 2.713 million, likes up to 56.28 million, the cumulative view is 31 million.

But it's not important, it's important that the 15 minutes of the premiere, 30 Million Cents of golden dragon fish oil will be swept by fans!!

This is obviously a very high conversion rate of the shopping guide, but also based on the star's fan polymerization effect and the product itself for many years accumulated reputation, while the kitchen, cooking to effectively implant the brand, and with the partner of the media ahead of the online building elevator advertising, lightbox advertising for live warming.

The combination of multiple attributes, forming a very high intensity of integration, and far-off non-TV shopping is generally the loudest shouting can be compared.

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"We can basically find all the best short video authors in China. In addition to customer customization, we will be planning activities to stir up the entire UGC, PGC, Customer and network resources ", Yixia confidence, based on the future of two considerations:

One is the second, small coffee show, a live three different kinds of ecological mobile video platform integration, in the current split attack to achieve a certain effect, into the "three-in-one" new stage, to provide brand more implementation of the program.

The second is to integrate the author of the platform, according to the content of the entrepreneur's attributes, and even help the brand directly from the author's hands to customize the "ads", so that advertising distribution, to become a personalized output.

Perhaps, there are more possibilities ...

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Mobile video into the second half, content entrepreneurship ushered in the wind, but how to make money?

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