Mongoose (Web server) Web server

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Mongoose is a cross-platform Web server. Originated from Cesanta software company.

Mongoose is built on top of mongoose embedded libraries. The Mongoose Library is used to perform restful architecture services, serve the network graphical user interface on embedded devices, create RPC frameworks (such as JSON-RPC), process telemetry data exchange, and perform many other tasks in various industries, including aerospace, manufacturing, finance, research, Cars, games, IT.

Mongoose is one of the smallest Web servers, it contains more than 130kb of source code, and a linux2.6 i386 on the executable file (size 40kb). A book about HTML5 recommended Mongoose. Through the API, it can also be embedded in other programs.

Until August 2013, Mongoose was released under the permission of MIT. He now publishes under the commercial and GPLV2 open-source license. GPLv2 Open source licenses generally do not allow mongoose to be included in non-open source projects. For customers who are unwilling to comply with GPLV2 open source licensing requirements, Cesanta software provides a complete, royalty-free commercial license and professional support without any GPL restrictions.


Cross-platform support for systems such as Unix/linux, *bsd, ECos, Windows, OS X, QNX, etc.

Supports public Gateway Interface (CGI), server-side include (SSI), Digest Authentication (MD5), WebSocket, WebDAV

Support for resuming downloads, URL rewriting, HTTP proxies

SSL support, including one-way and two-way SSL

IP-based ACLs, Windows Services, GET, POST, HEAD, PUT, delete methods

Does not contain files that serve the URI pattern

HTTP Client Features


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Mongoose (Web server) Web server

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