Moto Z opens new space, or will redefine phone, PC, car and cloud ecosystem

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In the first volume of the Memoirs of World War II, Britain's prime minister, Winston Churchill, spent nearly 700 pages on how the political elites of Europe and the United States judged the future and made decisions about the situation in the first 20 years of the Second World War in 1919-1939. This 20-year history vividly illustrates that the judgment of the future is not right and wrong, only the difference between believing and not believing.

Lenovo launched its first modular smartphone Moto Z series in Beijing on September 6, 2016, which was unveiled at the 3000-person Lenovo TechWorld Conference in San Francisco in June, with a buzz and questioning. Since the first show in June, the Moto Z series has sparked praise from several U.S. media outlets, but Google's exit from the modular definition of mobile Project Ara has also prompted the industry to question Lenovo's follow-up, especially in the context of Lenovo's continued frustration with the phone business.

So what about Lenovo's strategy of modular definition of mobile phones? Is this a trend in the future of smart phones? There is still no right and wrong points, only choose to believe and do not believe the difference. If you choose to believe, then Moto Z is expected to redefine the smartphone, PC, car and other intelligent hardware ecosystem or even the entire cloud ecosystem, can open the future space beyond imagination.

Different routes of "modularity"

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(product line for Moto Z to add modules)

The concept of modular handsets dates back to an Israeli company Modu founded in 2007. Google spent about $4.9 million in 2011, buying a number of patented modular handsets from Modu, hoping to bring more innovation to the Android phones of the time. After Google acquired Motorola Mobility, the Department was responsible for the development of modular handsets.

As we all know, Google is the fundamental purpose of Android operating system to control the mobile Terminal Market Search portal. As a result, Google's entry into the modular mobile phone program is intended to control the low-cost mobile ecosystem, thus controlling the most widely used low-end smartphone market. That's why Google Project Ara Mobile's start price is as low as $50 or about 300 yuan.

In other words, Google Project Ara aims to increase the number of users by further reducing the cost and price of the handset through a modular approach. Lenovo's approach was different. From the current price of Moto Z and Moto Z play, focus on the ultra-thin Moto Z price of 3999 Yuan, focusing on super-long battery moto Z Play for 3299 yuan, and 699 yuan JBL Speaker module, 1999-Yuan Projection module and 2299-yuan Hasselblad photography module Hasselblad TRUE zoom and so on. It is clear that Lenovo's modular handset is aimed at the high-end user market, where the business model and profit space are different from Google's project Ara.

Because of the difference between the target user and the business model, Lenovo Moto Z Mobile's product form is also different from Google Project Ara. Google Project Ara product thinking is to continue to reduce costs, so modular components for the camera, batteries, screens, sensors and other mobile phone itself module, and Moto Z mobile phone is installed in the back of the handset expansion function module, product ideas and Project Ara completely different. Therefore, it is not easy to equate Project Ara with the Moto Z series.

Redefine smart hardware and cloud ecosystem

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(For Moto Z-series phone's pin outside contact point)

Lenovo's idea of a modular smartphone is fundamentally different from that of Google Project Ara, so how does Lenovo envision the future of modular smartphones? Is it just the smartphone business itself?

The so-called "Xiangzhong, Etian". Lenovo's modular smartphone, represented by the Moto Z series, is actually looking at a smart phone-centric, intelligent hardware ecosystem, including PCs, smart hardware, wearable devices and even a wider range of "hardware" ecosystems such as automotive electronics.

First, Moto Z provides 16 contacts (PIN), which is a peripheral interface called Mods Smart Surface (MSS). With these 16 pins, developers can easily get a variety of mobile phone capabilities, including display, storage, and even lower-level phone hardware resources and data sharing. In order to ensure the seamless connection between mobile phone and hardware module, Lenovo has done a series of optimization work, including a small real-time operating system NUTTX, optimize the mobile phone and hardware module communication between the Greybus private protocol, Supports custom Toshiba chips up to 6Gbps transfer rates to ensure video-level signal transmission between phone and hardware modules.

These configurations and features of the Moto Z series greatly expand the range of applications for smartphones. Among them, the external projection module "Ghost" can be placed on any plane 70-inch projection screen, especially to support ultra-short focus projection, in addition to an integrated bracket for any angle projection, which is quite convenient for business people. While Moto Z has 4 noise-cancelling microphones, Moto Z play has 3 noise-cancelling microphones, which is a professional teleconferencing system when the external JBL Speaker module "rub-tone".

It is worth mentioning that the Moto Z series is the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Dragon 820 processor, with a highly optimized customized 64-bit CPU for heterogeneous computing, support up to a single core 1.8GHz processing speed, plus the latest USB type-c interface, up to 2TB of microSD memory card expansion, etc. It can be said that Moto Z itself performance is no less than a super-Ben. This is where Lenovo senior vice president, Mobile Business co-President Chen Xudong is really excited about Moto Z.

Chen Xudong in particular, if the car as a peripheral hardware module and equipped with a PIN interface, then only need to put Moto Z into the car's pin slot in a simple plug-in can be mobile phone and car two, which once and for all solved the car electronics upgrading and aging problems. For car manufacturers, only need to do a good job of the basic in-vehicle electronic functions, and other intelligent expansion functions can be achieved by accessing the Moto Z mobile phone.

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(For Moto Z with the projection module installed)

In addition to PC, PC peripherals, automotive electronics and other intelligent hardware, Moto Z series is also expected to be widely used in various industry scenarios, such as the Special module for hospital patient management, scan to know the injection, medication and temperature, such as the amount of time and data. And in hospitals, traffic police, banking and other industry scenes have a fixed demand, Moto Z Modular application has a very good prospects. Lenovo Vice president, marketing manager for China Business, Wang Feng revealed that Lenovo's big customers and industry team for the Moto Z series of sales enthusiasm unprecedented, customers also gave positive feedback.

Second, Lenovo previously announced the "Moto Modular Mobile Developer Program", which provides developers with a MDK development kit that opens source code to businesses and individual developers, enabling developers to develop personalized modules based on different consumer and industry needs. The MDK Developer Kit allows developers with a bit of hardware knowledge to develop their own external hardware modules on the Moto Z-series phone in less than 2 months. Lenovo will also share the interests of developers, as well as the sharing of Lenovo's global sales channels, marketing systems and design, production and manufacturing resources, to form a new mode of sharing.

In addition, Lenovo has set up a $1 million incentive fund to encourage business and individual developers, and to provide developers with hardware and software development kits, early authorization and engineering assistance to enable developers to get all the support and assistance they need. Of course, this $1 million is just the beginning, and more importantly, Lenovo's modular mobile phone is an eco-play, which opens up new spaces for redefining the entire smart hardware ecosystem.

Thirdly, the cloud and the end is one of the two sides of the coin, when the intelligent terminal shape changes, it is bound to the cloud backend and cloud services shape. In the Moto Z series design, there is a very important design, that is, to support the 2TB microSD memory card expansion. Up to now, the highest capacity SD card is 512GB, and with the development of flash memory and other technologies will appear terabytes of SD card, which is equivalent to a mobile phone can put down a private cloud disk. When everyone has a 2TB cloud disk in their pocket, the IaaS layer in the cloud service will be redesigned, which will also affect the design of the entire IoT.

As a result, the modular smartphone, represented by the Moto Z series, not only has the opportunity to change the pan-intelligent hardware ecosystem, but also the opportunity to influence and even control cloud services from hardware device terminals.

Redefining Chinese-style innovation

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(For Yang to personally host the Kol dialogue session)

The Moto Z series is not just a redefinition of the smartphone industry and the pan-smart hardware industry, but also the redefinition of Lenovo's innovation in China. For Lenovo, the Moto Z series has a last stand meaning.

In the September 6 China Conference, Lenovo Group CEO Yang personally. "Based on our recognition of the global reach and deep innovation of the Moto brand, we took the initiative to acquire Motorola Mobility two years ago," he said. Is there any concern that we will waste this loud brand? Will it make the light of its innovation dim? Will it shrink due to short-term financial losses? See today's release, I believe you will believe, will not! Absolutely not! ”

Yang is not self-talk, the Moto Z series has indeed poured Lenovo mobile business to Dafanshenzhang complex, and even some "overkill." Moto Z Series using the industry's leading global marking 7475 cold forged aircraft aluminum and aircraft carrier grade Gao Backplane, so that the overall thickness of 50%, only 5.2mm, weight of only 137 grams, and the same as 5.5-inch screen apple iphone6s plus thin 30%, light 30%, And the strength increases by 85%. and the carrier-grade Gao Backplane not only solves the "thin" problem, but also solves the "straight" challenge, can be elegantly paired with a variety of external modules without the seam.

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(Rear-facing camera for Moto Z series)

The Moto Z Series is a unique liquid cooling system that distributes heat across a wider range of surfaces to optimize temperature uniformity, allowing the processor to run faster and run longer without overheating. The dynamic Antenna FM technology of Moto Z inherits Motorola's best antenna technology and optimizes the antenna function by automatically detecting the way the user holds the phone, preventing the "signal gate" phenomenon. Moto Z Play is also equipped with Moto's most enduring battery, providing 36 hours of long battery life, combined with Moto TurboPower Turbo fast charge technology, 15 minutes of charging for 7 hours, plus a battery module for up to 18 hours of use.

Not to mention the "eye" Hasselblad Photo module Hasselblad TRUE Zoom, with the top camera brand Hasselblad co-operation, with 10 times times optical zoom clear imaging to subvert mobile phone photography. Chen Xudong said that the previous customer survey results are more unified, before the product before the customer cognition and get the product results completely different, "because the product is really cool."

The Moto Z series behind, is the Lenovo team and Moto team's running-in, respect and cooperation. Chen Xudong stressed that some brand innovation is by one person, and some brands rely on a team, Moto is precisely a team of innovative representatives. "I've had countless dealings with Moto's research and development team, fought countless battles, and they were very picky and capricious about technology. ”

In the obsession with technology and "wayward" aspect, even Yang also with the Moto team to put facts to reason, and can not rely on "official freshman product pressure dead." "After we went there, we did not say that the officer would listen to me, but spoke in terms of technology, and there was no change in the rule." If I want to persuade them, but also to speak the truth, if they do not make sense, they will not listen to you. This culture is difficult to change by one person, has a strong heritage, because the Moto team the whole atmosphere is like this. "Chen Xudong said.

For example, the Moto z-series phone fingerprint module is square, and the Apple is round, Samsung is a rectangle, and no one has ever used a square. At that time, Moto engineers from the technical point of view of the dozens of-page PPT interpretation, the final analysis is two points: high recognition rate and fast recognition rate. This is mainly because the fingerprint around the recognition is actually a waste, the real need to identify the fingerprint center of the block. Using the square fingerprint module, the Moto Z series fingerprint recognition rate is very fast, this is the Moto team on the ultimate pursuit of technology results.

It can be said that the process of cooperation with Moto Team is to step out of a new era of Chinese-style innovation path. Lenovo Group vice president, mobile business chief Customer Experience Officer Changcheng revealed that Moto will be divided into several product lines, Z Series is this year's new product line, the future will have X, G, E series and so on. The X product line will be fully developed by the Chinese team, the Chinese team will assume more product development tasks in the future, and learn more about Moto's good tradition and good technology.

With the launch of the Moto Z series, the industry is expected to reverse the long-standing doubts about Lenovo innovation, after all, Moto's long history of technology and technical background is not to be underestimated, and Moto's ultimate pursuit of technology and quality will also play a far-reaching impact on Lenovo culture. Of course, whether the Moto Z series can be accepted by the market, consumers can cultivate the use of modular mobile phone habits, whether to form a profitable industrial ecological chain, which still needs to be tested next.

However, Lenovo is determined this time, Lenovo insiders know that the Moto Z series is the "Yang Project." And Yang, like Churchill, chose to believe in the future. The iphone 7 is a chance for the industry and consumers, just as Moto. (Wen/Ningchuang, more exciting content in the "cloud Technology Age" number: Cloudtechtime)

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Moto Z opens new space, or will redefine phone, PC, car and cloud ecosystem

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