MyEclipse Mobile Web Simulator Guide (i)

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1. Preview the app in iOS and Android simulator

The mobile Web Simulator can be used for both previewing applications and browsing applications or websites on the Internet during the development process. With this simulator, you can view applications on different devices, change directions, test device motion (such as rotation, shake, etc.), test geographic changes, and test the impact of different stages on battery life.

Note : Testing of accelerometer, geo-location, battery life, and platform events requires that you use PhoneGap APIs in your application.

Mobile Web Simulator is a Chrome browser based on the same webkit rendering engine used by iOS and Android. The simulator simulates the Cordova 2.0 API and supports a preview of the iphone, IPad, Nexus S, Kindle fire 7″, and Samsung Tab 10.1 devices.

2. Start the Web emulator

To open a project's application for testing, right-click the project in the Explorer and select Phonegap>preview application in the mobile Web emulator.

Open a project in the emulator

To open the mobile Web emulator to view an application or Web site on the Internet, do the following:

(1) Click the MyEclipse Mobile emulator icon, or select Mobile>mobile Web Simulator.

Open emulator to view Web page content

(2) Enter a URL in the Address bar to view the contents of the Web page.

3. Setting up the emulator configuration

The project application can run and test in the emulator. In addition, you can use the emulator to browse Web pages or run mobile applications on the Web.

To use the mobile Web emulator parameter, after you open the mobile Web emulator from the toolbar icon, you can set up a home page to display on the device.

Home parameters

Note : The mobile Web Emulator Parameters page allows you to enter Google Chrome's installation path. When you open the emulator and you receive an error that you cannot find chrome, open the Parameters page to set the path of the Chrome browser.

3.1 Setting up devices & operating system versions

Mobile Web Simulator supports simulation of iphone, ipad and multiple Android devices. You can change the device view to see how the application appears on the supported devices, either landscape or portrait.

Click the Move Simulator icon to open the emulator, select the device you want to view from the drop-down menu, and click Finish. You can also enter a height or width to customize the dimensions.

Select a Device view

Open the System Summary panel and select a version from the OS drop-down list to change the OS version.

Change the operating system versionZoom

You can set the scale of the device in the simulator window. Open the orientation and zooming panels and drag the sliders to select the zoom ratio. Select the Fit to screen check box in the window to fit the device.

Set the zoom ratioRotate

When designing an application, you must consider the screen orientation of the device. If you are designing an application that runs in portrait or landscape orientation, test all two directions in the test.

To rotate the device in the emulator, open the orientation and zooming panels, and then click the direction you want to view.

Transverse direction

MyEclipse Mobile Web Simulator Guide (i)

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