MySQL and NoSQL pros and cons

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<1> relational databases are characterized by:

-The data relationship model is based on the relational model, structured storage, and integrity constraints.

-based on the two-dimensional table and the connection between, need to connect, and, intersection, difference, and other data operations.

-Use Structured Query Language (SQL) to read and write data.

-Operations require data consistency, requiring transactional or even strong consistency.

<2> Advantages:

-Maintain data consistency (transaction processing)

-You can make complex queries such as joins.

-Universal, mature technology.

<3> Disadvantages:

-Data read and write must be parsed by SQL, a large amount of data, high concurrency under low read and write performance.

-to read and write data, or to modify the structure of the need to lock, affecting concurrent operations.

-Unable to adapt to unstructured storage.

-Extended difficulty.

-Expensive and complex.

NoSQL Database

The <1>nosql database is characterized by:

-Unstructured storage.

-based on multidimensional relationship model.

-Has a unique usage scenario.

<2> Advantages:

-High concurrency, strong reading and writing ability under big data.

-Basic support for distributed, easy to scale, scalable.

-Simple, weakly structured storage.

<3> Disadvantages:

-complex operations such as joins are weak.

-Transaction support is weak.

-Poor versatility.

-Poor support for complex business scenarios without complete constraints.

Although in the era of cloud computing, traditional database has a congenital disadvantage, but NoSQL database can not replace it, NoSQL can only be used as a supplement to the traditional data can not be replaced, so the disadvantage of avoiding the traditional database is the problem that the big data age must solve.

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MySQL and NoSQL pros and cons

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