MySql calculates the number of days, seconds, minutes, weeks, and hours between two dates and times.

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MySql calculates the number of days, seconds, minutes, weeks, and hours between two dates and times.

Calculate the number of days, seconds, minutes, weeks, and hours of the difference between the two dates and times. Here we mainly share the implementation through the MySql built-in function TimeStampDiff.

The TimeStampDiff () function is provided by MySQL itself to calculate two time intervals. Syntax:

TIMESTAMPDIFF (unit, datetime_expr1, datetime_expr2)

Returns the integer difference between datetime_expr1 and datetime_expr2the. Unit units include: FRAC_SECOND (microseconds), SECOND, MINUTE, HOUR, DAY, WEEK, MONTH, QUARTER, and YEAR. This parameter is interpreted as follows:

FRAC_SECOND indicates that the interval is millisecond.
SECOND seconds
MINUTE minutes

For example:

# Calculate the number of weeks between two dates

select timestampdiff(week,'2011-09-30','2015-05-04');

# Calculate the number of days between two dates

select timestampdiff(day,'2011-09-30','2015-05-04');

In addition, the to_days function can be used to calculate the number of days for the difference between two dates or times. However, this function is not used for values before the occurrence of a calendar (1582), because when the calendar changes, the date of loss will not be taken into account. Therefore, for the date before January 1, 1582 (maybe another region is the next year), the result of this function is unreliable. The specific usage is as follows:

To_days (end_time)-to_days (start_time );

# Calculate the number of seconds between two dates/times:

select timestampdiff(SECOND,'2011-09-30','2015-05-04');

You can also use the MySql built-in function UNIX_TIMESTAMP, as shown below:


# Calculate the time score for the difference between two dates and times:

select timestampdiff(MINUTE,'2011-09-30','2015-05-04');

It can also be implemented as follows:


The brief record is as above. The usage of related functions such as to_days UNIX_TIMESTAMP SEC_TO_TIME will be supplemented later.

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