MySQL Chinese reference manual 3 (MySQL mailing list and how to ask questions or report errors)

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MySQL Chinese reference manual 3 (MySQL mailing list and how to ask questions or report errors)
Reprinted translator: Yan Zi

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2 MySQL mailing list and how to ask questions or report errors
2.1 MySQL Mailing List
To subscribe to the main MySQL mailing list, send a message to the email address

To unsubscribe from the main MySQL mailing list, send a message to the email address

Only the address where you send the message is meaningful, and the subject line and body of the message will be ignored.

If your reply address is not valid, you can specify the address explicitly. To subscribe or unsubscribe to the command word, followed by your address, "@" by a character "=" instead. For example, to subscribe to John@host.domain, send a message to

Mail to or EZMLM mailing list processor. Detailed information can be obtained at EZMLM outlets.

To mail a message to the column 肀 the old angry ⑺ the turbulent yie South ⒌?a>. However, never send a subscription or unsubscribe message to, because any messages sent to that address are automatically distributed to thousands of other users.

Your local site may have many subscribers, and if so, there may be a local mailing list so that messages sent from to your site are routed to your local list. In this case, please contact your system supervisor to join the local MySQL list and remove it from it.

The following MySQL mailing lists are available:

This is the new version of MySQL and related program release notice, this is a small amount of information list, we think all MySQL users should subscribe.
The master list for general MySQL discussions. Please note that some topics are best discussed on a more professional list. If you post to the wrong list, you may not get an answer!
MySQL Digest
Abstract form of the MySQL list, which means you get all the individual messages, as a big message sent one day at a time.
Discusses MySQL and Java, primarily about JDBC drivers.
Java Digest
A digest version of the Java list.
Everything about MySQL on the Microsoft operating system such as Windows NT.
Win32 Digest
A digest version of the Win32 table.
Everything about connecting MySQL with ODBC.
A digest version Myodbc list.
A list of Perl support in MySQL.
A digest version msql-mysql-modules list.
A list of people who developed MySQL's original code.
Developer Digest
A digest version developer list.
You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from all lists using the above methods. In your subscription or unsubscribe message, just put the name of the appropriate mailing list that is not MySQL. For example, subscribe to or unsubscribe from the MYODBC list, sending a message to (not provided in the original).

2.2 Questioning or reporting errors
Before mailing an error report or question, use the following procedure:

Start with a manual looking for MySQL online:
We try to make it up to date by updating the manual often with new-found solutions.

Search MySQL Mailing list file:
You can also use to find pages (including manuals) under
If you can't find the answer in the manual or file, check with your local MySQL expert. If you still can't find the answer to your question, continue reading the next section on how to send the message (not provided in the original).

2.3 How to report errors or problems
It takes patience to write a good error report, but doing it right the first time can save you my time. This section will help you write your report correctly so that you don't waste time or do something that doesn't help us at all.

If possible, we encourage everyone to use the Mysqlbug script to produce an error report (or a report on any problem). Mysqlbug can be found under the ' Scripts ' directory in the ' bin ' directory under the MySQL installation directory of source code distribution or binary distribution. If you cannot use Mysqlbug, you should still include all the necessary information listed in this section.

The Mysqlbug script helps you generate a report by automatically identifying a lot of the following information, but if something important is missing, include it in your message! Please read this section carefully and make sure that all the information described here is included in your report.

Keep in mind that it is possible to reply to a message that contains too much information, but not to reply to messages that contain very little information, because people think they know the cause of a problem and assume that some details don't matter, so they often ignore the fact. A good principle is: If you doubt what you're saying, keep talking! Writing a few lines in your report is a lot quicker than being forced to ask and wait for the first time without enough information, and less trouble.

The most common mistake is that people do not point to the version number of the MySQL distribution they are using, or do not indicate on what platform the MySQL is installed (including the platform version number). This is extremely relevant information, and without it 99% error reporting is useless! We often get questions like "Why doesn't it work for me?", and then we find that the required functionality has not been implemented in this version of MySQL, or that a bug described in a report has been revised in the updated MySQL version. Sometimes the error is dependent on the platform, in which case the platform operating system and version number are not known to be able to fix anything at all.

Also remember to provide your compiler information if it is related to the problem. People often find that the problem of MySQL is wrong in the compiler. Most compilers are always in development and are gradually getting better with the version. To determine whether your problem depends on your compiler, we need to know what compiler to use. Note that each compiler problem should be considered an error and therefore reported.

It is most helpful to include a good description of the problem in the error report. That is, what you have done leads to a good example of the problem and the exact description of the problem itself. The best reports include a complete example that shows how to generate errors or problems again.

If a program produces an error message, it is important to include it in your error report! If we try to find something from a file that uses a program, it's best to report the error messages exactly as they are generated by the program. (even attention to capitalization!) You should never try to remember what the error message is, instead, copy all the messages and paste them into your report!

If you have a MYODBC problem, you should try to generate a myodbc trace file, as detailed in the 16.6 report MYODBC questions.

Keep in mind that many of the people who will be reading your report use a 80-column display. When generating reports or using MySQL command-line tools, you should use the--vertical option (or the G-statement terminator) for the output that may exceed the available width of the display (for example, the EXPLAIN SELECT statement, see the following example).

Please include the following information in your report:

You are using the version number of the MySQL distribution (for example, MySQL 3.22.22). You can perform mysqladmin version to find out which edition you are running. Mysqladmin can be found under the ' bin ' directory of your MySQL installation directory.
The manufacturer and model of the machine you are using.
The operating system name and version. For most operating systems, you can get the information by executing a UNIX command uname-a.
Sometimes the amount of memory (physical and virtual) is meaningful and, if in doubt, contains these values.
If you are using a MySQL source code distribution, you need to use the name and version number of the compiler. If you have a distribution of binary code, you need the name of the distribution.
If the problem occurs during compilation, it contains an accurate error message and also contains some context around the error code in the file where the problem occurred.
If any database tables are related to the problem, include mysqldump--db_name tbl_name1 tbl_name2 ... The output result. This is easy to do, and it is an effective way to get information about any database table, and it will help us create an environment that matches the problem you are experiencing.
For problems related to speed or SELECT statements, you should always include explain select ... Output and at least the number of rows produced by the SELECT statement. The more information you give about your situation, the more certain people can help you. For example, the following example is a good error report (which, of course, should be mailed with Mysqlbug script): Example of running the MySQL command-line tool (note using the G terminator for statements whose output exceeds 80 column display devices):
Mysql> show VARIABLES;
Mysql> Show COLUMNS ... G
Mysql> SELECT ...;
<a short version of the output from SELECT,
Including the time taken to run the query>
Mysql> show STATUS;
<output from show status>

If there is a problem running MySQL, try providing an input script to reproduce the problem, which should include any necessary source files, and the more accurate the script to reproduce your situation, the better. If you can't provide a script, you should at least include the output from Mysqladmin variables Extended-status processlist in your email to provide how your system works!
If you think that MySQL produces a strange query result, not only contain the results, but also include the opinions of what should be the results and the reasons for your comments.
When giving an example of a problem, it is best to use it in your real case rather than a new variable name, table name, and so on. This problem should be related to a variable's name, table and so on! These conditions may be harsh, but safety is better than fear. In any case, it should be easier to provide examples that use your actual situation, and it's better for us in every way. If you do not want to show the data to others, you can use FTP to upload it to If the data are really highly confidential and don't even want us to see them, go ahead and provide examples of using other names, but note that this is the last choice.
If possible, including all the options for the related program, such as specifying the options that you use to start the mysqld daemon and run any MySQL client program, objects mysqld and MySQL and other programs and configure options are often key and critical to the answer! Including them is definitely not a bad idea! If you use any of the modules, such as Perl or PHP, please also include their version number.
If you can't produce a test with fewer rows, or if the test sheet is too large to send to the mailing list (more than 10 lines), you should use mysqldump to dump the database table and create a "README" file to describe your problem. Create a compressed archive of your files with tar and gzip, and use FTP to transfer files to, and then send a short description of the question to
If your problem is related to the permission system. Include the output of mysqlaccess, mysqladmin reload, and any error messages you get when you try to connect! When you test your permissions, you should first run mysqlaccess. After that, execute mysqladmin reload version, and finally you should try to connect with the program you have a problem with. Mysqlaccess can be found in the "bin" directory under your MySQL installation directory.
If you have a bug patch, that's best, but don't assume that the patch is everything we need, or that you can use it if you don't provide the necessary information, such as the prerequisite for the bug that the patch can fix. We may find your patch problem, or we may not understand it at all. If so, we can't use it. Testing the conditions here will help us, which means that the patch will handle everything that might happen. If we find a boundary condition (even though it's weird) that the patch doesn't work, it might be useless.
Speculation about what is wrong, why it happens, or what it relies on is usually wrong. We can't even make this guess without first using a debugger to determine the true cause of a mistake.
In your email message stating that you have checked the reference manual and email the file so that others know you are trying to solve your problem.
If you get a parse error, please check your grammar carefully! If you can't find anything wrong with it, most likely your current version of MySQL does not support the query you are using. If you are using the latest version and the reference manual does not cover the syntax you are using, MySQL does not support your query. In this case, your only option is to implement the grammar yourself and mail it. If the manual involves the syntax you are using, but you have an older version of MySQL, you should check the update history of MySQL to find out when the syntax is implemented. See D MySQL History of change. At this point you have the option to upgrade to a MySQL version update.
If you have one such problem: When you access certain database tables, your data seems to be corrupted or wrong, you should first check with Myisamchk and try to fix your database table. See 13 Maintenance MySQL installation.
You often get corrupted database tables, and you should try to find out when and why it happened! The "mysql-data-directory/' hostname '. Err" file may contain some information about what happened. Please include any useful information on this file in your error report! If you don't kill mysqld in the update, you should never destroy the database table! If you can find out why Mysqld died, it's easier for us to give you a fix on the problem!
If possible, download the latest version of MySQL and check to see if it solves your problem. All versions of MySQL are thoroughly tested and should run without problems! We believe in making everything as backwards compatible as possible, and you should be able to switch the MySQL version within minutes! See 4.3 which version to use for MySQL.
If you are a support customer, please mail the error report directly to the appropriate mailing list to see if anyone else has experience with this problem (perhaps already resolved).

For information on reporting MYODBC errors, see 16.2 How to report myodbc problems.

For answers to some common questions, see 18 questions and common mistakes.

When answers are sent to you individually instead of mailing lists, it is considered a good rule to summarize the answers and send them to the mailing list so that others can benefit from the answers you receive to help you solve the problem.

2.4 Guide to answering questions on the mailing list
If you think your answer is a widespread interest, you may want to send it to the mailing list instead of directly answering the person who asked. Try to make your answer universal enough for others who are not the mail to benefit from it. When you post to the mailing list, make sure your answer is not repeated with the previous answer.

Try to summarize the main part of the question in your answer and don't feel embarrassed to quote all the original messages.

Please do not send mail messages from browsers that have HTML mode! Many users do not use the browser to read mail!

Responsible editor: Eight (2001-06-06-20:13)

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