MySQL Benchmark test

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Why benchmark testing is required

The only convenient and effective way to learn what happens to a system under a given workload. You can observe the behavior of the system under different pressures, assess the capacity of the system, master what is important, or observe how the system handles different data

Strategies for two benchmark tests

Two types: Overall testing for the entire system, testing MySQL separately

Three Tests of what indicators

1. Throughput

Online Business transaction processing (OLTP) throughput, test units per second transactions (TPS), transactions per minute (TPM)

2. Response time or delay

The average response time, the minimum ringing time, the maximum response and the percentage are calculated according to the different time units.

3. Concurrency

Attention is being paid to concurrent operations at work, or to the number of threads or connections at work concurrently, and when concurrency increases, it is necessary to measure whether the throughput is falling and whether the response is getting longer

4. Extensibility

Increase the workload of the system by a factor of twice times under ideal conditions.

Four benchmark test times

Keep the test running until you see that the system is stable

Five getting system performance and status

CPU usage, disk I/O, network traffic statistics, SHOW GLOBAL status counters, and more

Four benchmark tools

Integrated testing Tools:

AB Apache HTTP Server benchmark tool to test only a single URL

Http_load, like AB, can provide multiple URLs via an input file

JMeter can load other applications and test their performance, features, and more complex

Single Component Test Tool

The MYSQLSLQP can simulate the load on the server and output timing information. When testing, you can execute the number of concurrent connections and specify the SQL statement.

MySQL Benchmark Suite (sql-bench)

Used primarily to test the speed at which a server executes a query, single-threaded

Super Smack

Benchmark tools for MySQL and PostgreSQL that can provide stress testing and load generation. Can simulate multi-user access

Database Test Suite

Percona ' Stpcc-mysql tool similar to TPC-C benchmark toolset


Multi-threaded system pressure measurement tool can evaluate the performance of the system according to various factors affecting database server performance, can test file i/0, Operation mentality Scheduler, memory allocation and transfer speed, POSIX thread, and database server, etc.

Supports MySQL, operating system, and hardware testing.

Five benchmark test Cases


CPU Benchmarks for Sysbench:

Sysbench--test=cput--cpu-max-prime=20000 Run

Sysbench file I/O benchmarks:

Mr. Cheng test data file, size larger than memory size

Sysbench--test=fileio--file-total-size=150g Prepare

Sysbench--tst=fileio--file-total-size=150g--file-test-mode=rndrw/--init-rng=on--max-time=300--max-requests=0 Run

SEQWR sequential write seqewr sequential rewrite seqrd sequential read RNDRD Random read Rndwr random write RNDRW mixed random Read/write

Delete a test file

Sysbench--test=fileio--file-total-szie=150g Cleanup

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MySQL Benchmark test

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