MySQL free installation version of the download and file configuration

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First, download

Enter MySQL official address in the browser, select "Downloads (GA)" and MySQL Community Edition (MySQL community version).

Selection, "Downloads (GA)"

Select "MySQL Community Edition"

Select "MySQL Community Server (GPL)"

Select the appropriate operating system in "Select Platform", here we select "Microsoft Windows".

Right-click Computer, properties:


Look at how many bits of your computer are on the system (I'm 32-bit), and then download the corresponding 32-bit package, such as:

Click the "Download" button, and then click "No Thanks, just start my downloads." To download.

Second, create the configuration file

After the download is done, unzip the file, go to the folder just unpacked, rename the/my-default.ini to My.ini, #开头的是注释行, the following content needs to be set correctly in My.ini.

Open the renamed My.ini file, configured as follows:

Basedir-To is the path to the file ( Note: use backslashes)

DataDir, is the database file path

Port-Server ports (0~65535)

Next, customize the client as follows:

Port number of the corresponding server

Third, start the service side

In the Start menu, type: cmd to start the Command window, enter the path to the MySQL bin file in the window, and finally enter the Boot server command: Mysqld--console, as follows:

Then, after the command runs, see the results as follows to successfully start the server:

When exiting the server use: Ctrl + C, do not directly close the command window.


If the exit is successful.

MySQL free installation version of the download and file configuration

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