MySQL Show operation

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Show columns displays the information for each column in a given table , and for views, this statement also works. SHOW COLUMNS from MyDB. mytable; SHOW COLUMNS from MyTable to MyDB;
The show create database display is used to create the created DB statement for the given databases. You can also use the show CREATE SCHEMA. SHOW CREATE DATABASE test; SHOW CREATE DATABASE test\g;
Show CREATE table shows the SQL statement that created the Tables show creation table Java; SHOW CREATE TABLE java\g;
SHOW databasesshow databases can enumerate databases on the MySQL server host. You can also use the mysqlshow command to get this list. You can only see databases for which you have certain permissions, unless you have global show databases permissions. SHOW DATABASES;
Show Engineshow engine displays log or status information for the storage engine. The following statements are currently supported: SHOW ENGINE BDB LOGS; SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS;
Show Enginesshow engines displays status information for the storage engine. This statement is useful for checking whether a storage engine is supported, or for viewing what the default engine is. SHOW ENGINES; SHOW Engines\g;
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SHOW indexshow Index returns table index information. SHOW INDEX from MyDB. mytable; SHOW INDEX from mytable from MyDB;
SHOW INNODB STATUS (mysql5.  6 will Error) View server information and location issues this is a synonym for show ENGINE INNODB status, but is deprecated. 
SHOW Open Tables lists the non-temporary tables that are currently open in the table cache. SHOW OPEN TABLES;
Show privileges shows the list of system permissions supported by the MySQL server. The exact output depends on the version of your server show privileges;
Show Processlist shows which threads are running, often show full processlist to see the number of MySQL connections. You can also use the Mysqladmin processlist statement to get this information. If you have super privileges, you can see all the threads. Otherwise, you can only see your own threads
SHOW Status provides server state information. This information can also be obtained using the Mysqladmin extended-status command. SHOW STATUS;
--The status db_name command gets this list. This statement also displays the view information. SHOW TABLE STATUS; SHOW TABLE STATUS from test;
SHOW tablesshow Tables lists the non-temporary tables in a given database. You can also use the Mysqlshow db_name command to get this list. SHOW TABLES;
SHOW triggersshow triggers lists the triggers that are currently defined by the MySQL server. SHOW TRIGGERS;
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MySQL Show operation

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