MySQL Management tools Introduction and installation of MySQL utilities tutorial

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MySQL Utilities Introduction

MySQL Utilities provides a set of command-line tools for maintaining and managing MySQL servers, including:

Administrative Tools (clone, copy, compare, diff, Export, import)
Replication tools (Installation, configuration)
General tools (disk usage, redundant indexing, search metadata)

MySQL Utilities is a series of command-line tools and a more manageable task for the Python library. Libraries are written in Python, which means that no other tools and libraries need to be installed. is currently designed based on the Python2.6 version and does not support the Python3.1 version.

MySQL Utilities provides a variety of platform packages, if you do not find a corresponding platform for the package, you can compile the installation through the source code.

The latest MySQL utilities can be downloaded here:

MySQL Utilities Dependent Environment

MySQL Utilities requires a Python2.6 version, all of which are written based on that version. Also, you need to connect to drive the MySQL connector/python generic version (higher than 1.0.8).

MySQL connector/python Download Address:

MySQL Utilities Source Installation

# wget-c Http://
# Unzip
# CD mysql-utilities-1.5.3
# python./ build
# python./ Install

You may be asked to install the driver first Connector/python

Yum Source Installation

The MySQL yum source can be configured and can be installed directly through Yum. MySQL Yum source use see: "How to use MySQL Yum source to install update MySQL related software package"
# yum Install Mysql-utilities.noarch

How the Debian system is going to download the corresponding Debian package. You can also configure the source.
# wget-c Http://
# dpkg-i Mysql-utilities-1.5.3-debian6.0_all.deb


x86 32-bit: Http://

x86 64-bit: Http://

The next step is nothing.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X 10.6: MYSQL-UTILITIES-1.5.3-OSX10.6.DMG
Mac OS X 10.7: MYSQL-UTILITIES-1.5.3-OSX10.7.DMG
Mac OS X 10.8: MYSQL-UTILITIES-1.5.3-OSX10.8.DMG
Mac OS X 10.9: MYSQL-UTILITIES-1.5.3-OSX10.9.DMG

is here first, and the following section describes how to connect to a MySQL server.

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