NetSuite ERP compared to other ERP systems have what advantages and advantages!

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At present, the domestic SMEs widely used domestic ERP, such as Kingdee, mainly because these software to adapt to the domestic development model, and the domestic financial reporting form of demand consistent.

However, many companies found that the advantages of these domestic software only stay on the surface, such as UF U8 or NC system due to its high stealth cost, configuration complex, lack of scalability, will bring a certain burden on enterprises.

Is there a new type of cloud-computing ERP solution that cannot be implemented by domestic ERP? Here is a description of the world's most widely deployed cloud enterprise resource Management (ERP) solution provider,-netsuite. NetSuite ERP not only satisfies the changing complex business requirement of the enterprise growth, but also can manage the customer's finance directly and comprehensively.

Advanced Cloud Software Architecture concept

The traditional ERP system is based on the C/s or/C structure and b/s hybrid software, need to deploy on the server side, or also need to install client software.

Netsuite ERP system is based on the SaaS model of the Cloud ERP, is developed under the Java platform, based on B/s structure of the application software, by Netsuite company deployed on a unified server, all application software servers, database servers, such as the centralized management and maintenance by NetSuite, customers do not need to care about the software running platform and server situation, only need to be equipped with computer and network system, that is, through the Internet to obtain the required software and services.

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Unified integration for greater stability

The SaaS-based NetSuite ERP system seamlessly integrates the entire business process from CRM to ERP, from potential customers to real customers, to supply chain processes that are clearly visible, both in the sales department and in decision makers, who can extract their relevant data from the unified data.

Traditional ERP such as UF U8 series so-called all in one is simply to package everything into a system, from Crm,hr,oa to ERP, many of the basic modules of data are not unified, need manual maintenance, such a system will have a disastrous impact on subsequent data analysis.

For the stability of the software, the traditional ERP system often occurs several times a week, one months, or a few times a day to restart the server problem, and as the user's data geometric growth, the ERP system becomes more and more slow, the problem will become more and more, the company's hardware budget is also growing. NetSuite SaaS ERP system users do not have to worry about this kind of problem, never have a system restart, NetSuite company has a strong server cluster and load balancing system, there is a strong application software backup system. When your data becomes more and more time, cloud servers automatically load balance and feel almost no change to the NetSuite ERP access speed.

Shorter implementation cycles

Traditional ERP project from the software requirements research, design, to software installation and database installation, complete the cycle at least a year or more, the project implementation time is too long will increase the risk of project implementation, most typical of the time span is too long, some key users frequent changes, Seriously affect the smooth implementation of the project.

The SaaS platform-based NetSuite ERP can be implemented in just a few months, and the deployment process only needs to focus on the business process, without worrying about software and hardware installation.

In addition, the traditional ERP software is limited by space and place in the way of use, the system must be used in the enterprise's internal network on the fixed device, and the NetSuite ERP system based on the SaaS platform can be used at any time any internet-connected place.

System maintenance Cost is zero

Traditional ERP such as UF ERP system maintenance, whether it is hardware and software, or server security and performance, and so on, need an IT department to carry out maintenance. While the SaaS-based NetSuite ERP system, the only place to be maintained is the System Manager's daily account usage rights assignment.

Data security is more secure

The network security aspect: The traditional ERP system generally has own room storage service, because the small and medium-sized enterprise to the hardware and software firewall budget Investment Limited, this will bring the hidden danger to the system data security. and SaaS-mode ERP vendors like NetSuite, whether in the software firewall or hardware firewall investment, are not ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises can be compared.

database Security aspects: Netsuite ERP uses Oracle-based databases and is centrally managed by Netsuite, and customers do not have to worry about data security issues.

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System Custom Development More convenient

Traditional ERP system to provide UPA development platform for ERP product customization development, in addition to expensive, customers want to develop in UPA, at least need to be familiar with VB development tools or C # development tools for custom development, there is the plug-in mode for development, in general, based on the development of UPA platform is relatively difficult.

The SaaS-based NetSuite ERP system provides a range of JavaScript or Web service-based development interfaces that can be customized with JavaScript technology, as well as development tools that can be used with visual Studio, Development tools such as Eclipse and PHP for third-party application development.

NetSuite is a brand from the United States, in order to better adapt to local business in China, the system also needs to be customized development. As the earliest NetSuite China authorized partner, Trigger Networks's application development team has a wealth of experience in NetSuite custom development, as well as many domestic enterprises to provide local business solutions.

NetSuite ERP compared to other ERP systems have what advantages and advantages!

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