Network splitter |3g/lte Service collector | Mobile Internet Collector

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Network splitter |3g/lte Service collector | Mobile Internet Collector

1, overview | network shunt | 3G/LTE wireless network monitoring is far more complex than the original Internet backbone monitoring, mainly in the following aspects: The
System diversity, China Mobile based on TD-SCDMA Technology, China Telecom is based on the CDMA2000 technology standard, and Unicom is based on WCDMA technology. Therefore, 3g/lte business acquisition equipment must be able to handle the above three formats simultaneously, and can be differentiated according to the operator processing.
LTE has started to be commercially available, and the acquisition device needs to support LTE while supporting 3G.
Packet Encapsulation Complex, analysis TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and CDMA2000 three kinds of standard, TD-SCDMA and WCDMA in the core network using GSM MAP (GTP package), and CDMA2000 use ANSI-41 (that is, GRE package). GTP and GRE data are shown in Package 1.

Figure 1 Encapsulation of GTP and GRE data
CDMA2000 Message Encapsulation format is special:
(1) A GRE message may encapsulate multiple terminal packages, and the terminal package is encapsulated in PPP frame format. If you want to extract the terminal package, you must do the reverse justification of the PPP frame.
(2) in a single terminal package, in order to save bandwidth, data from the terminal may be compressed by VJ (Van Jacobson), if you want to do five-tuple attenuation, VJ should be decompressed.
(3) The PPP terminal package in the GRE tunnel package may not be complete, the first need to do the terminal package assembly.
(4) The user's login data is displayed on the core network as Port 699 UDP messages (A11), LCP and IPCP, such messages are associated with the user IP address to obtain the IMSI number of illegal acts, therefore, such messages must be specially processed.

2, 3G Business Acquisition system introduction
Rongteng network developed by the 3g/lte business acquisition system by the CNT8 card (input and output line card) and CDP card (business depth processing card), CNT8 card is responsible for the receipt and transmission of messages, CDP card to perform the internal layer of the Shard extraction, The inner fragment Assembly and VJ decompression (when processing the GRE message), performing multi-group filtering and message splitting, and finally sending the message out, sending the message to the ordinary IP packet.

Rongteng Network 3g/lte The main features of the business acquisition system are:

    1. Support TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and CDMA2000 three 3G formats and LTE, and can be differentiated by operators, without the need to deploy more than one device.
    2. The final output message is a normal IP packet, so that the background program used for fixed network does not need to change and can be applied to wireless system.
    3. Support multi-group filtering, filtering irrelevant traffic, greatly reduce the burden on the server.
    4. The shunt mode is flexible, the control message can be divided into the background server by the group, and the control is separated from the data shunt mode.

3. Typical application

Figure 3 Typical deployment of a device
The gateway is located between the mobile core network and the Internet backbone, known as GGSN (Gate GPRS Support node) on TD-SCDMA and WCDMA, and is called the PDSN (Packet Data Service node) on CDMA2000.
The 3g/lte service acquisition system is deployed on the gateway backend (the gateway backend is the deployment on the side of the gateway to the mobile core network), so that more complete data can be obtained without the need for a radius access point. The Gateway backend captures the IMSI, User IP address, PCF and PDSN addresses, BSID area code when the user goes online, the user's ESN number, the user's online time, the user's offline time, and the content of the Internet access.

Network splitter |3g/lte Service collector | Mobile Internet Collector

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