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Nginx and PHP-FPM built a status page, for want to understand the status of Nginx and monitor nginx is very helpful. For subsequent Zabbix monitoring, we need to know what the Nginx status page is.

1. Enable Nginx status configuration

Add location to the default host or the host you wish to have access to.












Server {

Listen * : the Default_server ;

Server _Name_;

Location / Ngx_status


Stub_status on ;

Access_log off ;


#deny all;



2. Restart Nginx

Please restart your nginx in accordance with your environment.


# Service Nginx Restart

3. Open the Status page






# Curl Http://

Active Connections : 11921

Server accepts handled Requests

11989 11989 11991

Reading : 0 Writing : 7 Waiting : the

4. Nginx Status Detailed

Active connections– number of connected connections
A total of 11,989 connections were processed by the server accepts handled requests-, and 11,989 handshakes were successfully created, with a total of 11,991 requests processed
Reading-reads the number of connections to the client.
writing-number of response data to the client
waiting-The keep-alive is turned on, this value equals active– (reading+writing), meaning that Nginx has finished processing the host connection that is waiting for the next request instruction.

5. Complete


The above describes the Nginx status, including the Status,nginx aspects of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested in a friend helpful.

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