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9 Free PHP Libraries _ turn

9 Powerful free PHP libraries & 20 You should know PHP library




ReCAPTCHA allows your site to integrate with an advanced CAPTCHA system that can help you block some spam messages. The visual Captcha also has a useful sound function. In addition, in the reCAPTCHA service, this PHP library also contains an API for the "Mailhide" service, which can hide your e-mail address in a number of mail-grabbing programs.

This API is free and very easy to use, all you need to do is apply for an API key.

Download ReCAPTCHA| get an API Key| Related Documents

2. Akismet

Akismet is a free service item, for some small sites it is completely free and for some large URLs, he is partially free. This library also provides the ability to handle a number of spam-related functions. It does so by making decisions about the information that has been identified as spam in its own database. Of course, the spam information in the database may be reported through various websites, and everyone can enjoy it. This is a library that is updated every day and is being improved every day. Many many WordPress are equipped with this library.

Implementation of Akismet

3. Services_json

JSON is a very small and agile PHP library that is used primarily to convert some data formats into a format that is easy for people to read. Not all people will like PHP5 (because JSON has been integrated since PHP5.20), so this small PHP library allows you to get JSON functionality in a lower version of PHP.

View Services_json

4. Smarty

Smarty is a Web template engine that separates programs and interfaces. Smarty provides a number of powerful features, such as loops, variables, and a powerful caching system. This library is not a new library, it has been developed for many years, although only 3 release version, but it should be more mature.

Download Smarty| View Documents

5. Pchart

This is a powerful diagram of the PHP library, like some pie chart or histogram,Pchart also allows you to use SQL query statements or manual input data to create a chart. Of course, it requires the support of the GD library to create images. This library is a lot of very professional art design, because it can make your chart display is quite beautiful.

Download Pchart| Related Documents | View Demo

6. Simplepie

Simplepie allows you to easily pull some information, such as RSS feeds. It can also be integrated into different platforms and languages. And there are many different ways to handle a far-end feed.

Download Simplepie| Related Documents | extending Simplepie to Parse Unique RSS Feeds

7. Xml-rpc PHP

Our application sometimes needs something like "ping" to detect other sites, such as the trackbacks of blogs. In general, this is done through a protocol called XML-RPC. The xml-rpc PHP Library allows you to integrate these features into your site.

download Xml-rpc PHP| Related Documents

8. Amazon S3

Amazon provides a "cloud service" called "S3″." This PHP library allows you to upload large files without the need for a third-party plugin.

Download the Amazon S3 PHP class

9. Phpmailer

Many applications need to send messages externally, but the PHP mail () function is not particularly useful. So Phpmailer came into being, this is a powerful class that allows you to send messages in different formats and supports attachments and custom headers.

Download Phpmailer| Related Documents

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Here are some of the most useful PHP class libraries, and it's sure to provide a better and faster way for your web development.

Chart Library

The following class library allows you to create complex diagrams and pictures with minimal complexity. Of course, they require the support of the GD library.

    1. pchart– A library that can create a chart.
    2. libchart– This is also a simple statistical gallery.
    3. jpgraph– an object-oriented picture creation class.
    4. Open Flash chart– This is a flash-based chart.

RSS parsing

Explaining RSS is a tedious thing to do, but fortunately you have the following class library to help you easily read RSS feeds.

    1. magpierss– Open Source PHP version of the RSS parser, is said to be powerful, not verified.
    2. simplepie– This is a very fast and easy-to-use RSS and Atom parsing library.

Thumbnail generation

    1. phpthumb– function is very powerful, how strong or oneself to realize it.


Does your website need to deal with payment matters? Need a program for and payment gateways? The following program can help you.

    1. PHP Payment library– support PayPal, Authorize.Net and 2Checkout (2CO)


    1. php-openid– supports a PHP library for OpenID. OpenID is a solution that helps you sign in to different websites with the same username and password. If you are unfamiliar with OpenID, you can look here:

Data for abstract/Object Relational mapping ORM

    1. adodb– Database Abstraction
    2. The Doctrine– object Relationship mapping Object Relational Mapper (ORM) requires a PHP 5.2.3+ version, a very powerful database abstraction layer (DBAL).
    3. propel– Object Relational Mapping framework-PHP5
    4. Outlet– is also a tool for object-relational mapping.

Note: Object Relational mapping (objects relational Mapping, or ORM) is a technique to solve the mismatch between object-oriented and relational databases. In a nutshell, ORM automatically persists objects in a program to a relational database by using metadata that describes the mapping between the object and the database. Essentially, it's converting data from one form to another. This also implies additional execution overhead, however, if ORM is implemented as a middleware, there are many opportunities for optimizations that do not exist in the handwritten persistence layer. More importantly, the metadata needed to control the transformation needs to be provided and managed, but again, this is less expensive than maintaining handwriting, and even an object database that adheres to the ODMG specification still requires class-level metadata.

PDF Generator

    1. fpdf– This is a pure PHP class library that allows you to generate PDFs.

Excel related

Do you need to generate Excel for your site? No problem, here are two classes of libraries that will make it easy for you to do this.

    1. php-excel– This is a very simple Excel file generation class.
    2. PHP Excel reader– can parse and read data from an XLS file.

e-Mail related

Don't like Php's Mail function? Feel not strong enough? The following PHP mail-related libraries will never disappoint you.

    1. Swift mailer– free Ultra-versatile PHP Mail library.
    2. Phpmailer-Super Powerful mail-sending class.

Unit Test

If you are using a test-driven approach to develop your program, the following class libraries and frameworks can help you with your development.

    1. simpletest– a framework for unit testing and Web page testing of PHP.
    2. phpunit– from the Xunit family, provides a framework that allows you to easily conduct unit test case development. And it is very easy to analyze its test results.

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