Node-webkit Desktop Development First entry 1

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Node-webkit is not introduced.

Note that the official website of the word "Node-webkit is based on and Chromiumnode.js " 所以node-webkit 实际是嵌套了个Chromium 浏览器 ,而不是webkit内核。

1 Front-end directory, configuration Package.json

{    "main": "main.html",/                              * The main entrance of the app, file name is arbitrary, required *    /"name": "Demo",/                                * The name of the app, must be unique and conform to the normal variable naming; required *    / "description": "Demo app of Node-webkit",         */* APP's simple description *    /"version": "0.1.0",/                               * App version number *    /"keywords": [ "Demo", "Node-webkit"],            /* keyword of the app, use */"window" when searching for the app    : {/                                       * Windows properties of the app */        "icon": "Link.png",                           /* App icon (visible under Windows, status bar) */        "toolbar": false,/                              * Whether the toolbar is displayed */        "width": +/                                 * Window initialization size */        "height": $,        "frame": true                               /* Whether to display the outer form, such as maximize, minimize, close button */    },    "User-agent": "%name%ver% Nwver%webkit_ver%osinfo "/* can customize the app's UA */}

2 Development debugging, directly drag the front-end directory to the Nw.exe on it.

3 Packaging

Note that even when Node-webkit 10.5 is fixed, skipping the page without cleaning up the memory causes the app to crash, but not directly using the network address to configure the app's entry file ("main": "http://localhost:8882/app/ Marketing/index.html#/view/marketactivity ",),

This will also cause frequent application crashes when switching.

The portal file must be a local file "main": "Index.html", and then index.html do location.href jump.

Node-webkit Desktop Development First entry 1

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