[Nodejs] Build live chat with Socket.io with EXPRESS4

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Socket.io provides the necessary support for WebSockets, a newer web technology, that includes both client and server-side modules in order to establish communication channels and, of course, to exist as middleware.

1 Create aExpress Project

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You can initialize an express project with the command line

Install Express First

NPM Install EXPRESSNPM install express-generatorexpress project name CD project name NPM install Socket.io

You can also create a new Express project under Webstorm file-new Project-node.js Express App

After creating the file view it's probably like this.

2 Service side Modify the default file contents

Modify the Index.js in the Routes folder to Chat.js

Var express = require (' Express '); var router = express. Router (); Var socket_io = require (' Socket.io ');/* get users listing. */ Router.get ('/', function  (req, res, next)  {    res.send (' Respond  with a resource ');}); router.preparesocketio = function  (server)  {    var io =  socket_io.listen (server);     io.sockets.on (' Connection ', function  (socket)  {        socket.on (' Join ', function  (user)  {             socket.user = user;             socket.emit (' state ',  ' SERVER ',  true);             socket.broadcast.emit (' State ',   ' SERVER ',  user +  ' on-line ');         });         socket.on (' sendmsg ', function  (msg)  {             socket.emit (' chat ',  socket.user, msg);             socket.broadcast.emit (' chat ',  socket.user, msg);         });     }); module.exports = router;

Modifying the App.js

var index = require ('./routes/index '); App.use ('/index ', index);


var chat = require ('./routes/chat '); App.use ('/chat ', chat);

The next step is to write a method in App.js that is used to pass the server

App.ready=function (server) {chat.preparesocketio (server);}; Module.exports = app;

Go to bin/www and add content:

var server = Http.createserver (app); App.ready (server); Add this sentence

3 Client

Web page mates Socket.io, client.html the page is placed under the public folder

<! Doctype html>

4 Testing

The default port number in the WWW file is 3000

Run Bin/www

CD Binnode www

or right-click Run ' bin/www ' in Webstorm

Next, use your browser to open two (+) tags to access http://localhost:3000/client.html (if you test the LAN, replace localhost with the server's IP, same as below)

First enter the user separately, then can enter the text to chat, other on-line, the message reminder function I deleted, only to keep the chat.

Put a picture:

Problems that may occur:

Web page load Socket.io 404

Do not modify src in script if it is not accessed with Port 3000

If http://localhost:63342/Project/public/client.html please modify the src of Socket.io script to

<script src= "Http://localhost:3000/socket.io/socket.io.js" ></script>

This example code has been relatively small, too troublesome words need source code please email: [Email protected];

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[Nodejs] Build live chat with Socket.io with EXPRESS4

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