Nodejs+phonegap+ionic environment to build and create projects

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1, the basic software installation and configuration of the environment

JDK, Android SDK, NodeJs, Ant

Their installation method and environment variable configuration can be self-Baidu or Google.

2, the installation of PhoneGap

Open the cmd window and enter NPM install-g PhoneGap (provided the Nodejs is installed and configured).

3, the installation of Cordova

Open the cmd window and enter NPM install-g Cordova

4, the installation of Ionic

Open the cmd window and enter NPM install-g Cordova Ionic

5. Create Ionic Project

A, select the location of the Ionic project, such as I placed in the D-disk ionicprojdects directory, the command line into the directory

b, create the Ionic project, named Ionicdemo, enter ionic start Ionicdemo blank in the above directory,

An empty project is created, and if you change the blank to tabs, you can create a tab item and replace it with Slidemenu

You can create a drawer menu item.

6. Add Platform Support

CD Ionicdemo directory, input Ionic platform add Android adds support for Android platform-enabled projects,

Android to iOS adds iOS-enabled items

Ps:ionic official website address: Ionic, there are detailed instructions and the use of the API method, need to FQ.

Nodejs+phonegap+ionic environment to build and create projects

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