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NPM's co-founder and chief operating officer, Laurie Voss, recently released the first JavaScript status report for 2018, which contains three sections that will provide a complete review of JavaScript trends and practices. The first part describes the status of the 2017 front-end framework, the second part will describe the react ecosystem, the third part of the backend framework will be described. Currently, Parts II and III have not yet been released.

Laurie Voss says the JavaScript community has grown at an unprecedented rate in the history of programming languages, and the packages in NPM have also grown. NPM as a central hub for developers to distribute and discover JavaScript code, we can see the trend of application developers writing code and the tools they use.

Take a look at the 2017 JavaScript front-end framework review.

The main front-end frame

The report shows that react's usage has increased by 500% compared to the download volume of all NPM packages. Mobile, desktop applications, and WEB development are all using react. For react, as a direct substitute for its performance improvements, Preact also grew by 145%.

Preact as an independent development of the react, won the attention of many developers, but the overall utilization rate is relatively low. However, its growth rate is impressive, so it is likely to become a major force in the coming years.

In addition, NPM also found that Ember has made a comeback. This framework has been used by many large companies, such as Microsoft, Netflix and Salesforce. After a fall in sentiment in 2016, downloads increased by 45% last year.

Although angular continues to be popular, there is no significant growth overall, and there is little expectation of future growth. According to NPM, angular's downloads account for about 0.008% of the download of the NPM package, but relying on Google's huge resources and sustained support means it can stick with it.

Although Vue is the same popularity as Ember and angular, the report predicts that it will grow much faster than other tools, and that it is expected to surpass the popularity of the other two in 2018 years.

As for the old framework, which has been a backbone since its dominance 5 years ago, developers have been unable to completely abandon it since the long-term "shelf life" of existing projects, and there are still 750,000 downloads per month.

2017 growth of the front-end framework

The figure shows the popularity and growth of the framework during the 12-month period from October 2016 to October 2017. The overall picture is clear:

Preact the smallest, but the fastest growth

Vue's growth rate is also very fast, and the popularity of ember,angular and backbone is equal

Ember has become more and more popular in the last 12 months.

The growth of angular and backbone is down.

JQuery is still very popular, but growing less

React is not only very popular, but also growing rapidly

NPM says they do not recommend that everyone should use the most popular framework, after all, there are many metrics to help you decide which framework to use, and different frameworks vary widely in scope and application. The framework that closely matches your application may not even be mentioned in this report, but it is still the perfect framework for you.

Finally, the report shows that Webpack is now the primary way to build WEB applications. NPM plans to release more discoveries from the react ecosystem later this month, as well as an analysis of the backend framework. Keep your eye on it.

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