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Today downloaded a font, download and do not like, and did not add to the system is ready to delete. Who knows the trouble? System tip: Unable to delete file: Unable to read source file or disk.
I'm dizzy. Of course, even a few more times to tell me!
According to the past experience, I think it is a document can not be deleted. And try to delete the contents of the folder, to my surprise, unexpectedly, all deleted. Now, I thought there was an empty folder left to erase. Unexpectedly want to still tell me: Cannot delete file: Cannot read source file or disk.
It's not a hindrance, but a useless empty folder always feels uncomfortable there. This starts with what I know to start packing it.
First build a new folder to drag it into and then delete, no, no drag!
Rename again, no!
My friend told me to go into safe mode and delete it. Log off, restart, smash, and load the original file in an empty folder is still invalid ... Annoying s people! I'm determined to get rid of it!
I used the last trick, with a command prompt to delete, alas! As if he had deliberately fought against me, he did not even obey the orders, feuds.
Helpless under had to search the Internet, find a few software said can solve this problem, but in fact are not solved. Some of the methods are too esoteric, cumbersome, to see a headache. Strike, or do not move a little bit of brains.
Finally find a good word of mouth, everyone appreciates the software unlocker after installation press the prompt right click ~ Haha, I do not say everyone also know the results.
In order to meet this kind of problem of friends less detours, less trouble, special here to say a few words, hope to everyone helpful.

Software Introduction:

Unlocker is a free right-click Expansion tool, the user after installation, it can be integrated in the right mouse button operation (the right mouse button menu will be more than a unlock icon), when the user found that there is a file or directory can not be deleted, just press the right mouse button "Unlocker", Then the program will immediately show which programs occupy the directory or file, and then just press the "Unlock" in the pop-up window to be able to unpack your files.
The part of Unlocker that is different from other unlocking software is that it does not forcibly close the files that occupy the file, but unlocks it in a way that unlocks the file and program, and therefore does not cause the user's potential data to be lost, as is the case with other unlocking programs because of the forced closing of the program.
Multi-language version, free to use. File size, 191KB
Please install the path by default, otherwise it will not work properly. Drunk still. 2007.1.23

Click to download unlocker1.8.5: Http://

The above describes the Office software download office2003 free download One click Delete Stubborn empty folder software download, including the Office software download office2003 free download content, hope to PHP tutorial interested friends helpful.

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