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Brief Introduction Citrixnetscaler , its key features and features, and the different product versions available for use.

Specific modules:

    • explain Citrixnetscaler How to solve the problem of application delivery difficulties.

    • Description NetScaler10 function.

    • explains how to pass Appexpert, Appflow, and actionanalytics understand application behavior, performance, and security.

    • Learn about each NetScaler The features included in the product version.

Product Description

Citrix NetScaler makes data centers an end-to-end service delivery structure that optimizes the delivery of all WEB applications, cloud-based services, virtual desktops, enterprise business applications, and mobile services. Citrix NetScaler is an application delivery controller that is available as a physical device or as a virtual device, and can:

    • Increase the speed of applications facing internal or external up to five times times.

    • Optimize application availability with 4 to 7 tiers of advanced traffic management.

    • Improve security with an integrated application firewall.

    • by improving the efficiency of WEB servers greatly reduces costs.

Citrix NetScaler is an integrated system that is deployed on the front-end of applications and database servers to combine high-speed load balancing and content exchange with the following features:

    • Application acceleration

    • Efficient data compression

    • Static and dynamic content caching

    • SSL Acceleration

    • Network optimization

    • Application Performance Monitoring

    • Powerful Application Security

Application Delivery Challenge Issues:

organizations can use NetScaler to address the difficult issues that may be encountered in application delivery.

Application availability is critical: Each business runs on top of the application and relies on these applications to remain available, and application downtime directly impacts business benefits.

Incremental performance requirements: Poor application performance is the primary reason for the low application adoption rate mentioned. If an application is slow, there is no user to use.

Infrastructure load is increasing: the load on existing data centers and network infrastructures is increasing as more and more applications are delivered over the network and applications become more complex. Extensibility becomes a problem that needs serious consideration.

Security is critical: IT Organizations need a multi-layered security approach to protect transactions and sensitive information that travels over the network. Includes deploying Network and application firewalls and VPNs for secure remote access .

Scalability : As It staff transforms their traditional data centers into enterprise clouds, and they need real solutions that deliver cloud-like flexibility on demand scale performance, seamlessly expand capacity to meet application traffic growth requirements, and integrate core network capabilities of all data center applications such as load Balancing, Security and acceleration) are integrated with a single platform.

Cloud-Ready: Enterprise the IT environment is moving in the direction of cloud computing. With this evolving trend, the need to transform traditional enterprise data centers into enterprise clouds is growing.

Application availability Features:

NetScaler provides a number of application features.

load Balancing: The load balancing function manages the request-level traffic, which makes the server's traffic distribution more balanced than the traditional method of distributing connections on the server. The load balancing decision is based on a variety of policy decisions, including: polling, least connections, weighted minimum bandwidth, weighted minimum packets, shortest response times, and hashes based on URLs, domain source IP, or destination IP . Supports TCP,UDP,HTTP, and SQL protocols, so the NetScaler system can load balance all traffic that uses these protocols as the underlying carrier. Netscale DataStream Technology intelligently distributes database queries to Microsoft SQL Server and the Oracle MySQL infrastructure.

Content Exchange: The Content Exchange feature can determine which server responds best and swap each content request to that server. Site rules can be configured based on any combination of URLs and HTTP headers, allowing for Exchange decisions based on user and device characteristics.

Application Visibility:

NetScaler Solutions provide complete application visibility and easy-to-deploy policy management.

Appexpert: All NetScaler solutions include Citrix 's intuitive Appexpert policy Manager, which makes it easy to define and manage all application delivery capabilities. The definition of a policy can be implemented with a simple drop-down dialog box and a custom expression statement without having to customize programming and debugging. Theappexpert also includes Appvisualizer, Appvisualizer can graphically display an end-to-end ADC and load balancing strategy for NetScaler administrators are quick and easy to understand the entire environment they are responsible for.

Actionanalytics:NetScaler provides integrated real-time monitoring of application and client traffic, and it can also provide feedback on important application delivery information to automatically optimize ADC and load balancing policies.

NetScaler actionanalytics can collect detailed information about the application traffic selected by the administrator and generate a multidimensional view of the real-time condition. Graphical and tabular displays allow you to quickly see key application delivery parameters (for example, several URLs that you visit most often , several clients that consume the most application resources), and then you can easily drill down to more detailed statistics, including the total number of requests, The total bandwidth consumed and the response time of the backend infrastructure that delivered the application content.

Appflow:Citrix appflow is an innovative open-standards technology that transforms data collected from existing network devices into powerful business and business intelligence. Appflow is an extension of IPFIX, and the common performance monitoring and business intelligence tools will collect, correlate, and analyze these appflow information for rich reporting and analysis.

Appflow technology enables IT organizations to monitor and improve application performance and availability SLAs. All Citrix NetScaler devices and editions include Integrated support for Appflow.

The Edgesight:citrix edgesight for NetScaler application can monitor the WEB application experience provided by the end user to the NetScaler environment . the Edgesight monitoring application uses NetScaler 's HTML injection capabilities to provide data that you can use to compare the performance of various Web applications in different geographic locations.

Load Balancing transfer function:

NetScaler provides a number of load-transfer functions to improve performance.

SSL Offload:The SSL offload feature transparently uninstalls SSL encryption and decryption from the WEB server, freeing up server resources to handle content requests. SSL is a heavy burden on the performance of your application and can cause many optimizations to not work. Using SSL offload and Speedup is a willingness to apply all the benefits of the NetScaler packet processing engine to SSL traffic, ensuring secure delivery of applications without compromising end-user performance. NetScaler SSL performance has been optimized to support 2048 for SSL certificate requirements.

Cache Redirection: Cache redirection manages traffic flowing to the reverse proxy, transparent proxy, or forward proxy cache farm. the NetScaler system examines all requests, identifies non-cacheable requests, and sends them directly to the original server over a persistent connection. By intelligently redirecting non-cacheable requests back to the original Web server,NetScaler wants to release cache resources and increase cache hit rates while reducing the total bandwidth consumption and response latency for these requests.

TCP Cache:The TCP cache feature improves the performance of transaction management, which increases the speed matching mechanism between the fast server network and the slow client network, and the server response is buffered before it is delivered to the client at the client speed. The server can quickly load-transfer the requested data and then put its resources into other tasks. The necessary datagram retransmission from the server to the client is also done through the Citrix NetScaler device. Some features, including SSL, compression, and caching, bypass the TCP cache because these functions perform their own type of buffering. However, even if compression and caching are enabled, the TCP cache is still ringing for non-compressible and non-cacheable servers , and for smaller responses that can load a single packet, the TCP cache is skipped .

Optimization Features:

NetScaler provides many optimizations to reduce the load on the data center and the network.

TCP Optimizations:TCP Optimizations transfer specific TCP tasks from the managed server to the NetScaler system, reducing the CPU load on the hosting server and improving performance.

Appcompress:appcompress uses the Gzip compression protocol to provide transparent compression for HTML files and text. the compression rate of the common 4:1 can reduce the bandwidth requirements outside the data center by up to 50%. This compression reduces the amount of data that must be delivered to the user's browser, significantly improving end-user response times.

AppCache:AppCache provides fast in-memory Web caches that conform to http/1.1 and http/1.0 for static and dynamic content , helping to optimize Web content and application data delivery. This onboard cache looks at the results of storing incoming application requests, even when incoming requests are protected or data is compressed, and then reusing the data to satisfy subsequent requests for the same information. By providing data directly from the onboard cache,the NetScaler system eliminates the need for static and dynamic content requests to be delivered to the server, reducing the number of page rebuilds.

WAN optimization:Citrix offers a truly network-transparent WAN optimization solution that does not rely on disruptive tunneling technology . This feature means that when you deploy NetScaler, your network monitoring tools, rich firewalls, and applications do not have to be reconfigured and modified.

Security Features:

Content filtering: Content filtering protects Web sites from malicious attacks at 7 levels. the NetScaler system examines each incoming request and performs user-configured actions based on the HTTP header-based user Configuration rules. These actions can include resetting the connection, deleting the request, or sending an error message to the user's browser.

content filtering enables The NetScaler system can block unwanted requests and reduce the risk of attacks on the server. This feature can also parse http GET and POST requests and filter out known error signatures to better protect against HTTP -based server attacks such as Nimda and Code A variant of the Red virus.

Application Firewall: Citrix Application firewall prevents applications from being abused by hackers and malicious software by filtering traffic between the server and the end user. The application firewall can check all traffic, look for evidence to attack server security or misuse Web server resources, and take appropriate steps to prevent these attacks from succeeding.

DNS Security extensions:The DNS security extension (DNSSEC) feature provides data integrity and data source validation in communication between a name server and a client, while still transmitting UDP responses in clear text . DNSSEC uses asymmetric key encryption and a new set of resource records that are specific to its implementation.

in the with DNSSEC in the NetScaler system , users can:

build and import for the DNS zone-signed key.

Use for authorization the area of the NetScaler system is configured with DNSSEC.

will be The NetScaler system is configured as a DNS proxy server for the signing zone, which is hosted by the backend name server farm.

if NetScaler System authorization is used for a subset of zone records and is configured as a DNS proxy Server, This subset of records is added to the DNSSEC implementation.

AAA Application Traffic:AAA allows any client with the correct credentials to securely connect from anywhere on the internet to a protected application server for distributed Internet Environment to provide security protection. This feature contains three security features for authentication, authorization, and auditing. Authentication enables the NetScaler device to authenticate the client's credentials (authenticate locally or with a third-party authentication server) and only allow approved users to access the protected server.

SSL VPN: Citrixnetscaler with access Gateway is a proven SSL VPN solution that provides secure remote access to your applications . is the best SSL VPN solution for providing secure virtual desktops . Citrix Access Gateway protects data and enables users to work anywhere in the following ways:

    • Allows access from any device while reducing support overhead

    • Encrypt Network and application traffic

    • Scan remote devices to ensure proper security configuration and prevent malicious software

    • Ensure that users are authenticated before they are allowed to connect to the organization's network

    • Provides access to the correct set of resources required by the user

    • Implement access control and enterprise security policies

    • Record and report user activity

saml2.0 aaa-tm saml 2.0 netscaler saml sso

NetScaler 's function

Application Delivery: NetScaler 4-7 Layer load Balancing enables all applications and services to achieve 100% availability while also improving the efficiency of expensive server and network resources. Acceleration features, such as AppCache, appcompress, and TCP optimizations, can make applications faster. Stronger responsiveness. Thus improving the user experience. NetScaler Load Balancing features include:

Advanced Load Balancing -implement comprehensive 4-7 layer traffic management for WEB servers and application servers in one data center .

content and application caching -netscaler AppCache provides high-performance caching for both static content and dynamically generated Web content.

Database Load Balancing - recognizable SQL is the Intelligent database server load balancer that extends the data tier and achieves better database performance.

Citrix Triscale Technology - a technology that drives unprecedented network scalability, enabling it teams to build strong enterprise cloud networks that can increase performance by up to 5 times and increase capacity by 32 times, you can also consolidate and run up to nine devices in a single platform, reducing the size.

Next-generation security -netscaler can secure applications and networks from threats and attacks, prevent the disclosure of confidential data, and pass SSL and the SSL VPN function to protect sensitive communications.

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