Online app-Wind know notepad open source code

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Online app-Wind know notepad open source code

the application is composed of four interfaces, namely the welcome interface, the main interface, the new interface and the viewing interface. The following feature modules are included: Welcome, new, view, modify, delete, refresh, mode, sort, search, and menu. Welcome: The Welcome screen displays the application name and logo as well as the daily change of the message; NEW: Create a new note, enter the title (not required) and the content (must) and then set "Fly", save, the process can see the input words and empty notes; View: Click on a note in the main interface to view the title and content; In the main interface click Notes, editable content, can be saved. Click on the lock, make note can not be edited, unlock make notes editable; Delete: When the main interface long press notes, you can see the time and number of notes remaining, you can delete the operation. Note can also be deleted in the viewing interface, refresh: The main interface can be refreshed, the page jumps also refresh the data, mode: Can be in the list mode and grid mode to switch freely, easy to see notes (default list mode); Sort: Sort the notes by the time they were added, Easy to see notes (default reverse mode); Search: The title of notes, content and add time to search, do not need to press the button, the results are immediately displayed, click on the title bar or empty search box to cancel the search; menu: Common skin, password, sentiment, help, about and exit six options; skin: Toggle interface color, with preset options, You can also customize the color; password: For note lock, to prevent privacy leaks, can modify and cancel the password; sentiment: can say to welcome page of the message of some feelings and understanding; Help: See the instructions for use; about: View author information and contacts; exit: Exit the App:

Online app-Wind know notepad open source code

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