Open source mail service solution iRedMail-0.5.0-beta1: Support for Debian Systems

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Open source mail service solution iRedMail-0.5.0-beta1: Support Debian system-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information, below is read details. Source:

The open source mail service solution iRedMail-0.5.0-beta1 has been released to support Debian systems. The supported operating systems include RHEL, CentOS, and Debian. It will also be transplanted to the Ubuntu system. This version mainly includes support for Debian (Lenny, 5.0.1). Please help us to test it so that we can quickly deploy a fully functional email server solution On Debian.

: Http://

Currently, the following components are working normally:

* Postfix-2.5.x, supporting TLS.
* Dovecot-1.1.x, support IMAPS, POP3S.
* Amavisd-new-2.6.x, supporting DKIM signatures and validation.
* OpenLDAP-2.4.x
* MySQL-5.0.x
* Roundcube webmail (0.2.1. You can modify the SQL/LDAP password and set automatic reply upon holidays)

Components to be debugged include:

* Apache-2.2.x, SSL does not work properly.

Missing software package: Pysieved-1.0. The package has been completed by LiDaobing, waiting to enter the official apt repository.

Please help us to test and report all the problems found to the Forum so that we can improve iRedMail and provide you
A fully functional open-source mail service solution.

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