(phase three) hybrid hybrid development of Appcan technology

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Mobile Development Technology Localization application (Native app): Native app development to hybrid app (Hybrid app): App Web-based app Web app:web between Web app and Native app Apps are apps that run on Web and standard browsers and are developed for specific functions based on web technology. Second, the domestic hybrid APP technology Appcan appcan.cn is a CSS3 cross-platform mobile application development tool written in HTML5, Hybrid, and JavaScript languages. Developers quickly build native apps on Android, IOS, and Windows phone platforms with built-in Appcan IDE integrated development tools, online compilation systems, and Cloud Packager.  appcan.cn development threshold is low, the difficulty is small, the learning cycle is short; Support custom feature plug-in extension, with technology-leading, stable and reliable features. Appcan Official documents: Http://newdocx.appcan.cn/index.html?templateId=368AppCan Document Center: http://docx.appcan.cn/# Appcaniosnative plugin extension mechanism: http://docx.appcan.cn/#!/guide/iOSNative Production Iosnative plug-in process: 1. Research plug-in function; 2. Integrate source code into Appcan Basic development engineering; 3. Build the plug-in package.

(phase three) hybrid hybrid development of Appcan technology

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