Phone-side tap to call, send text messages, email, map location

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If you need to make calls in a mobile browser, call SMS, send an email, and so on, mobile Phone Web page (HTML5) JavaScript provides an interface that is a good idea.

Using the URL href link, to achieve in the Safari ios,android browser, webOS browser, Saipan browser, Ie,operamini and other mainstream browser, make phone call function.

1. Make a phone call

Precede the phone number with a + (plus sign) to indicate the international number. Such as:

The most commonly used Web page JS implementation of one-touch dialing phone dialing function



Make a call using the Wtai protocol

2. Send SMS

If it is an interface that needs to invoke SMS, you can write the link in the following format:

SMS:<phone_number>[,<phone-number>]*[?  Body=<message_body;]          

For example:

 (110086  texting  :     
<ahref="sms:10086"> Send Message </a>(2) Send message to 10086 with "Cxye":<a  href="Sms:10086?body=cxye"> send messages </a>(3) Send SMS to 10086 and 10010 for "Cxye":  <ahref="Sms:10086,10010?body=cxye"> send information </a>    

3. Mail Send Message

Use mailto just like normal html

(1) Send email to [email protected]:

<ahref="mailto:[email protected">mail</a>(2) to [email protected] and [ Email protected] Send message:<ahref="mailto:[email protected],[email protected]">Mail </a>             
(2) to [email protected].  COM sendsa message with the subject "testing":      
<ahref="Mailto:[email protected]?subject=testing">mail</a> 
(2) to [email protected].  COM sends a message with the subject "testing" and copies it to [email protected].  COM:           
<ahref="Mailto:[email protected]?subject=testing mailto&[email protected]"> Mail</a>     

4. Android Market

If you want a link to activate the Android Market feature, you can write the link:

<ahref="Market://search?q=[query">Android Market link</a>  

Where <query> is the content of the search, the name of your app


5. GPS Map Positioning
<ahref="geopoint:[longitude],[latitude]"> my location </a>     

For example:

<ahref="geopoint:108.954823,34.275891"> my location </a>  

Phone-side tap to call, send text messages, email, map location

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