Photoshop quickly makes stereo text portraits that go beyond the screen

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The effect chart is very creative and the method of making it is very simple. Process: The first selection of the character material, the characters separate out, projecting portrait to color, and then save as PSD file; new layer input text material, grid after the replacement filter with a twist effect; add some projections later, adjust the color.

Final effect

1, first of all to pull out the two characters, the adult that layer to color, a slight adjustment of contrast, and then the overall brightness of the gray point (mainly because the hair too black influence the distortion behind). Okay, so this file is stored directly in a PSD, which is used to make a displacement diagram.

2, a new layer to do the text you want, here is casually copied, and then for this layer to do filter → twist → substitution, select just save psd file.

The size of the displacement parameter can try, I have lost 20, the effect can not continue to adjust.

3, maybe this is still not too good to see the effect, we have just the color of the adult after that layer show to see.

4, can reduce the transparency and adjust the contrast, make it more like a white person, and then put the baby on the good.

If the original figure of the character contrast brightness adjustment is more strong, come out of the effect will be better, of course, the picture of the production of the male model itself is being washed all over the pictures do, so all kinds of levels will appear more lifelike, direct change later this need to adjust the details of more. Like adding a gradient, a projection or something.

Final effect:

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