PHP Chinese Web learning Phase planning

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1. First stage: Front-end Foundation
Front-End Foundation Course outline
Teaching Content Teaching Focus
1, HTML5 Introduction to HTML, detailed HTML tags, the mystery of character encoding, HTML5 new features and common tags
2, CSS3 Introduction to CSS, CSS Introduction, CSS basic selector, CSS properties, box model, CSS floating, CSS3 new features and common attributes, CSS application case
3. JavaScript Introduction to JavaScript, Introduction to JavaScript, JavaScript basic syntax, Process control, functions, arrays, JavaScript built-in objects, JavaScript event programming, BOM model, Dom model
4. JQuery Introduction to jquery, jquery selector, attribute manipulation, event programming, jquery effects, document processing, plug-in mechanism, Ajax in jquery, open source jquery project Practice
5, BootStrap Bootstrap introduction, Global CSS styles, CSS components, JavaScript plugins, bootstrap application cases

2. Phase II: PHP Development Basics
Basic PHP Development Course Outline
Teaching Content Teaching Focus
1. Build the Environment Web program run process, configure virtual host
2. Basic PHP Variables and constants, data types, operators, process controls, functions, strings, arrays, PSR Specification
3. mysql Database Introduction to MySQL, basic SQL operations, character sets, column types, class properties, table relationships, advanced queries, foreign keys, paradigms, user management, rights Management, data backup and restore
4. Table only son value Table only son value, PHP three ways to receive data, PHP processing check box data, file upload
5. mysqli Extension Basic operations, perform additions and deletions, perform query operations, MYSQLI-related functions, mysqli extended Application cases
6. File programming Classification of file operations, directory operations, file operations, file downloads
7. Session Technology Session technology Overview, difference between cookie and session, cookie principle, cookie manipulation, session principle, session operation, garbage collection mechanism
8. Object-Oriented Object-oriented overview, object-oriented implementation, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, Object traversal, object serialization, reflection mechanism, namespaces, trait new features
9. Pdo extension PDO introduction, PDO class, Pdostatement class, PDO preprocessing, PDO transaction processing, PDO exception handling, PDO properties, packaged PDO class
10. MVC Design Pattern MVC design pattern, build a custom MVC framework
11. Multi-User Blog project Project development process, data sheet data, background implementation, foreground implementation, extended function
12. Rapid development of enterprise sites Project development process, data sheet data, background implementation, foreground implementation, extended function

3. Phase III: ThinkPHP5.1 Project Combat
Teaching Content Teaching Focus
1, ThinkPHP5.1 ThinkPHP5 Framework Overview, Fundamentals, architecture, routing, controllers, views, models, project utilities
2. JavaScript Advanced Data types, functions, lexical analysis, scope chains, event programming, canvas drawing, object-oriented, JSON objects, prototype chains, design patterns, regular expressions
3. Ajax Ajax overview, Ajax objects, get and post requests, caching issues, Ajax and XML, Ajax and JSON, encapsulating Ajax frameworks, cross-domain requests
4. Online Shop Mall system overview, data table design, background design, foreground design, member design, shopping cart design, order design, interface design, pseudo-static
5, imitation QQ space QQ Space front page, background setup, model analysis, member functions, comments and replies, etc.
6. Public number Access to the public number, two development processes, custom menu development techniques, etc.

PHP Chinese Web learning Phase planning

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