PHP hint Warning:phpinfo () has been disabled function disabled workaround, warningphpinfo_php tutorial

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PHP hint Warning:phpinfo () has been disabled function disabled workaround, Warningphpinfo

This example describes the workaround for PHP hint Warning:phpinfo () has been disabled function disabled. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows:

Today in a friend server testing a Web site when I was testing phpinfo encountered PHP Warning:phpinfo () have been disabled for security reasons hint, according to the meaning of the words I summed up the solution, Let's take a look here.

When you run Phpinfo, you are prompted as follows:PHP Warning:phpinfo () has been disabled for security reasons in xx.php on line XX

The meaning of this passage is to tell us that due to security considerations the Phpinfo () function is disabled, if you have server administrative privileges, modify the php.ini profile parameter and restart Apache re-enable.

Open the PHP installation path open the php.ini file, specific instance: in the php.ini disable_functions configuration, the default configuration, the CLI execution function is forbidden, if necessary, in php.ini will be disable_ functions = Phpinfo,exec, Popen, System ...., remove the function you need to perform from the list and restart Apache.

is completely a configuration problem, the Linux workaround is to edit the PHP configuration file:


Look for disable_functions string, will be the following scandir delete, hint: VI can enter/, enter the search mode, easy to find disable_functions.

Restart PHP in effect: copy code code as follows:/ETC/INIT.D/PHP-FPM restart

I hope this article is helpful to everyone's PHP programming. true techarticle PHP hint Warning:phpinfo () has been disabled function to disable the workaround, Warningphpinfo This example tells the PHP hint Warning:phpinfo () has been Workaround for disabled function disabled. ...

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