PHP Framework Codeigniter--url Removal index.php

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Today learn codeigniter abbreviation CI first day, record learning experience.

CI China Https:// Here is an introduction

Example.  COM/class/function/ID       
    1. The first paragraph represents the controller class to invoke;
    2. The second paragraph represents the function or method in the class to invoke;
    3. The third and subsequent segments represent the parameters passed to the controller, such as an ID or any other variable;
Removed fromindex.php in the URL

By default, your URL will contain the index.php file:

Example.  COM/class/function/ID       


If your Apache server has mod_rewrite enabled, you can simply pass a . htaccess file (placed in the index.php sibling directory)

Plus some simple rules to remove the index.php. Here is an example of this file that uses a "negative condition" to exclude certain items that do not require redirection:

Rewriteengine Onrewritecond%{request_filename}!-frewritecond%{request_filename}!-dRewriteRule ^ (. *) $ index.php/$1 L

In the example above, other HTTP requests will go through your index.php file, in addition to the existing directories and files.


httpd.conf Open LoadModule Rewrite_module modules/ If it is turned on, you can ignore it. 3. Restart Apache 4, application/config.php$config [' index_page '] = ' index.php '; --"index.php$config[' index_page ') = ';Http://

PHP Framework Codeigniter--url Removal index.php

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