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Two years ago, when I wrote the QR code, no one knew it. Later on the mobile phone scan QR code software More, also changed the era.
Thanks for the smart phone and.

Two-dimensional code is a two-dimensional barcode, can be the URL, text, photos and other information through the corresponding encoding algorithm compiled into a block-shaped barcode pattern, mobile phone users can use the camera and decryption software to re-decode the relevant information and view the content.

The two-dimensional barcode/two-D code (dimensional bar code) is a black-and-white graph with a certain geometric pattern distributed in the plane (two-dimensional direction), which is used to record the data symbol information, and the concept of "0" and "1" bitstream which compose the logic basis of the computer is skillfully utilized in coding. , using a number of geometric shapes corresponding to the binary to represent the text value information, through the image input device or photoelectric scanning device automatically read to achieve automatic information processing: It has some common features of barcode technology: Each code system has its own specific character set, each character occupies a certain width, a certain calibration function. At the same time, it also has the features of automatic recognition of different lines, and the processing of the change of graphics rotation. In many kinds of two-dimensional barcode, the commonly used code system is: Data Matrix, Maxi code, Aztec, QR Code, Vericode, PDF417, Ultracode, code, code 16K, etc., QR code is 1994 by Japan de Nso-wave company invented. The QR code from the English "quick response", the meaning of the quick reaction, originates from the inventor's desire to allow the QR codes to be decoded quickly. QR codes are most commonly found in Japan and Korea, and are currently the most popular two-dimensional barcode in Japan.

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PHP generated QR code of the class library the use of PHP code is introduced


PHP generates two-dimensional code can be in the following ways true techarticle two years ago, when I wrote the QR code, no one knew it. Later on the mobile phone scan QR code software More, also changed the era. Thanks for the smart phone and. ==============...

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