PHP kernel Two major processes to start PHP core code snippet

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Step 1:start the sapiextern zend_module_entry php_apache_module;static int php_apache2_startup (SAPI_MODULE_STRUCT * Sapi_module) {if (Php_module_startup (Sapi_module, &php_apache_module, 1) ==failure) {return FAIL        URE; } return SUCCESS;} Step 2:start the Phpint php_module_startup (sapi_module_struct *sf, Zend_module_entry *additional_modules, uint num_        Additional_modules) {zend_utility_functions zuf;        Zend_utility_values zuv;.....sapi_module = *sf;php_output_startup ();        Zuf.error_function = PHP_ERROR_CB;        Zuf.printf_function = php_printf;        Zuf.write_function = Php_output_wrapper;        Zuf.fopen_function = Php_fopen_wrapper_for_zend;        Zuf.message_handler = Php_message_handler_for_zend;        Zuf.block_interruptions = sapi_module.block_interruptions;        Zuf.unblock_interruptions = sapi_module.unblock_interruptions;        Zuf.get_configuration_directive = Php_get_configuration_directive_for_zend; zuf.tIcks_function = Php_run_ticks;        Zuf.on_timeout = Php_on_timeout;        Zuf.stream_open_function = Php_stream_open_for_zend;        Zuf.vspprintf_function = vspprintf;        Zuf.getenv_function = sapi_getenv;        Zuf.resolve_path_function = Php_resolve_path_for_zend;        Zend_startup (&zuf, NULL tsrmls_cc), ... gc_globals_ctor (tsrmls_c); * * Register PHP Core INI Entries */        Register_ini_entries ();        /* Register Zend INI Entries */zend_register_standard_ini_entries (Tsrmls_c);                /* Disable Realpath Cache If a open_basedir is set */if (PG (open_basedir) && *pg (Open_basedir)) {        CWDG (Realpath_cache_size_limit) = 0;        }/* Initialize stream Wrappers Registry * (this uses configuration parameters from php.ini) */ if (Php_init_stream_wrappers (module_number tsrmls_cc) = = FAILURE) {php_printf ("php:unable to I           Nitialize stream URL wrappers.\n ");     return FAILURE; }/* Startup extensions staticly compiled in */if (Php_register_internal_extensions_func (tsrmls_c) = = Failu                RE) {php_printf ("Unable to start builtin modules\n");        return FAILURE; }/* Start additional PHP extensions */PHP_REGISTER_EXTENSIONS_BC (additional_modules, Num_additional_module        s tsrmls_cc); /* Load and startup extensions compiled as shared objects (aka DLLs) as requested by php.ini entries T Heese is loaded after initialization of internal extensions as extensions *might* rely on things from Ext/stand ard which is always a internal extension and to being initialized ahead of all other internals *        /Php_ini_register_extensions (Tsrmls_c);        Zend_startup_modules (Tsrmls_c); /* Start Zend Extensions */zend_startup_extensions (); int Zend_startup (zend_utility_functions *utility_functions, Char **extenSions tsrmls_dc)/* {{{*/{zend_compiler_globals *compiler_globals;        Zend_executor_globals *executor_globals; zend_compile_file = Compile_file;        ZEND_EXECUTE_EX = EXECUTE_EX;        Zend_execute_internal = NULL; Zend_init_opcodes_handlers (); ...}

PHP kernel Two major processes to start PHP core code snippet

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