PHP should not be easy to copy paste (for new students to PHP)

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PHP should not be a simple copy paste (for new students to PHP)

From contact programming to now 9years, from the initialAspto the laterPhp, someone might think that technology is OK, I can tell you that exposure and formal system learning is really not a concept, so until I go into the brother company beforeAspis completely forgotten,Phpit only knows the set of templates, the plain is copy and paste.

2002 years of time all day in the internet cafes, what red police ah, StarCraft, legends Ah, you know. It is because of this let me in a casual chat in the net to understand what is called a Trojan, later home to buy me a computer, but also every day on some hacker website, download a variety of virus software, a variety of horse pony (is the so-called ASP Source code to write the upload program), has been downloaded from the Internet a lot about asp Tutorial, so I contacted the ASP. The happiest time of day is to do all kinds of black-hearted Trojan horse. Then use FTP to upload to the network for others to click on.


But since entering the brother Lian, let me feel the deepest is the high-intensity study pressure, just start very not adapt, then slowly also have no feeling, also is because this kind of study atmosphere let me after the first project, to PHP have a deeper understanding, is not pasted in the previous copy. But I think PHP is very interesting, I want to say that technology is used for innovation, rather than simple copy paste.

It is said that the programmer's work is very tired, it can only say that you do not love your career.
Once someone told me the truth of Love, I also give this truth to you today: "Love" is enduring patience, "Love" is not jealous, do not boast, not insolent.

If you really like your career, you should feel happy, if you love your brother, love your family, love your colleagues will be very happy.

Thank you brother Lian's teachers, you have worked hard.

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