PHP UTF8 character set in simplified and traditional mutual transfer

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UTF8 character set in simplified and traditional mutual transfer

UTF8 character set in simplified and traditional mutual transfer

  1. /*utf8 character set in simplified and traditional mutual transfer * *
  2. //
  3. Class Utf8_chinese
  4. {
  5. Private $utf 8_gb2312;
  6. Private $utf 8_big5;
  7. Public Function __construct () {
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  10. }
  11. Public Function Gb2312_big5 ($STR) {
  12. $str _t = ";
  13. $len = strlen ($STR);
  14. $a = 0;
  15. while ($a < $len) {
  16. if (Ord ($str {$a}) >=224 && ord ($str {$a}) <=239) {
  17. if ($temp = Strpos ($this->utf8_gb2312, $str {$a}. $str {$a +1}. $str {$a +2})!== false) {
  18. $str _t. = $this->utf8_big5{$temp}. $this->utf8_big5{$temp +1}. $this->utf8_big5{$temp +2};
  19. $a + = 3;
  20. Continue
  21. }
  22. }
  23. $str _t. = $str {$a};
  24. $a + = 1;
  25. }
  26. return $STR _t;
  27. }
  28. Public Function big5_gb2312 ($STR) {
  29. $str _t = ";
  30. $len = strlen ($STR);
  31. $a = 0;
  32. while ($a < $len) {
  33. if (Ord ($str {$a}) >=224 && ord ($str {$a}) <=239) {
  34. if ($temp = Strpos ($this->utf8_big5, $str {$a}. $str {$a +1}. $str {$a +2})!== false) {
  35. $str _t. = $this->utf8_gb2312{$temp}. $this->utf8_gb2312{$temp +1}. $this->utf8_gb2312{$temp +2};
  36. $a + = 3;
  37. Continue
  38. }
  39. }
  40. $str _t. = $str {$a};
  41. $a + = 1;
  42. }
  43. return $STR _t;
  44. }
  45. }
  46. This document runs on UTF8 encoding
  47. Header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf-8 ");
  48. $chinese = new Utf8_chinese;
  49. Simple Transfer in UTF8
  50. $str = "Long live the People's Republic of China";
  51. $str _big5 = $chinese->gb2312_big5 ($STR);
  52. echo "Original: $str
  53. echo "converted to traditional: $str _big5
  54. UTF8 in a simple
  55. $str = "The People's Republic of China";
  56. $str _gb2312 = $chinese->big5_gb2312 ($STR);
  57. echo "Original: $str
  58. echo "converted to simplified: $str _gb2312
    " ;
  59. ?>
Copy Code
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