PHP5.3 on the selection of VC9 and VC6 and thread safe and non thread safe versions

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Recently on the PHP official web site to see a new version of PHP download, and then went up to find for Windows, but a look really dumbfounded, a total of four versions, VC9 x86 Non thread safe, VC9 x86 thread safe, VC6 x86 Non Thr EAD Safe, VC6 x86 Thread safe, which makes me this rookie headache ah, fortunately, PHP website to download the place on the left there is an English choose I understand, I reckoned is how to choose the version of the meaning of it, so began to look up the dictionary and Internet search, finally see the specific meaning, Let's do a memo first.

I. How to select the VC9 version and the VC6 version of PHP5.3

The VC6 version is compiled with the visual Studio 6 compiler, and if your PHP is built with Apache, you choose the VC6 version.

The VC9 version is compiled with the visual Studio 2008 compiler, and if your PHP is built with IIS, you choose the VC9 version.

Second, how to choose the PHP5.3 thread safe and non thread safe version

In the first place, it is a thread safe to understand the literal meaning that thread security is performed in order to prevent the new requirements from exhausting system resources by starting the CGI execution of new threads. Non thread safe is non-threaded and does not thread (thread) security checks at execution time.

Let's look at two ways of executing PHP: ISAPI and fastcgi.

ISAPI execution mode is used in the form of DLL dynamic library, can be executed after the user request, after processing a user request will not disappear immediately, so the need for thread security check, so as to improve the execution efficiency of the program, so if it is to execute PHP with ISAPI, it is recommended to choose thread Safe version;

The fastcgi execution is performed with a single thread, so there is no need for thread security checks, and the removal of thread safety checks can improve execution efficiency, so if PHP is executed in fastcgi, it is recommended to choose the non thread safe version.

PHP5.3 on the selection of VC9 and VC6 and thread safe and non thread safe versions

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