Phpems Online Simulation test system source code, PHPEMS simulation exam System _php Tutorial

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Phpems Online Simulation test system source code, PHPEMS simulation test system

This system is mainly used to build online examination system, such as driving license, English and other practice system.

first, the system functions:
1, strengthen the training test, the knowledge point of the individual contact
2, the random group volume exercises, the system automatically extracts the topic to carry on the practice
3, Manual group volume contact, through the Teacher Platform manual roll Formation test paper for simulation exercises
4, supporting the coexistence of subjective and objective types of questions, subject scoring can be set as students self-assessment and teacher background scoring
5, support problems (such as English reading comprehension, a problem of the type of multi-channel sub-problem) random extraction
6, support the examination room function, can open individual examination room for individual user
7, support the topic collection, the wrong title redo, the examination record and so on function

second, the system operating environment
php (5.2,5.3) +mysql5.0

third, installation method
1. Import pe.sql into the database with phpMyAdmin
2, set the database parameters in the lib/ file, note to save as UTF8 no BOM form
3, set the data directory, Files/attach directory to read and write (777 permissions)
4, the above 3 steps can be completed after the installation.

Front office Address:
Backend Address:

Default Administrator:
User name: Peadmin
Password: peadmin

2014-10-08 (2.1) Change function
1. Modify 2.01 known bugs
2. Increase the after-school practice system
3. Add single-page single-title display format
4, increase with the unit volume proportion of the model (according to the knowledge point and the difficulty of the free proportion of the paper, advanced application is more difficult, it takes a long time to learn to master)
5, to increase the choice of test mode, you can choose to use only the formal test mode.

Detailed Description:

Recommend a PHP online test system source code, preferably completely non-encrypted

Phpems This is an online simulation exam system based on php+mysql development, listening to suit your requirements. And it runs fast.

Is there a Shkong on-line simulation test system?

can go to the Internet to download the source to use, suitable for some will have to deal with some of the machine exam, also play the test of the role of simulated questions. Including online answers, submit answers, have auto-marking features!
Recommendation: true techarticle phpems Online Simulation test system source code, PHPEMS simulation test system This system is mainly used to build online examination system, such as driver's license, English and other practice system. First, the system function: 1, strengthen the training ...

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